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I am restoring a 1974 De Tomaso Pantera US-spec GTS.  The factory paint scheme was silver/black and I want to paint the car in the correct, original colors.  The old paint codes for these cars appear to be obsolete.

Can anyone provide current paint codes for the GTS silver, the gloss, metallic black used on the hood and decklid, and the semi-gloss/satin black used on the rocker panels, window moldings and drip rail, etc?


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As far as I know, the original codes are obsolete. The formula is for paint systems no longer used.

The best that you can do is try to have it matched. The black for the hood is a tough one since you need to estimate the metallic content.

If you are fortunate enough, someone here will chime in and offer a code that they came up with.

I don't have anything new. All I know is the original chart is useless now.

@matg posted:

good paint shops can analyse by tool the color and mix it very close to original. That def works on the silver.

Black parts are an issue, as per Doug. My research did show original  "black" varys from plain mat paint to black with more or less metal i.e non mat paint. I ended up with mat paint.

I honestly don't think that the "factory" cared or gave much thought at all to the blacks that they used?

I think it depends more on when the car was built? A US GTS is not going to use the same flat black on the hood as say an 78 or 79 European car.

One is a true semi-gloss black and the other really a gloss black with metallic in it. Also the level of metallic seems to vary so perhaps that was a custom blend for each car built?

On a US GTS I'd just use "hot rod" semi-gloss on everything. No one is judging these cars with any authority to rate them for accuracy like the "Shelby's" are. So why worry about it?

Make it look good like there was a definite plan and not haphazardly eclectic.

Personally I'd just forget about the metallic black. You don't see that on US sold cars and that's the world that I live in.

I’d suggest sending a PM to timsteren. He’s restored a GTS and might be able to help you with some of the codes. It seems to me, the front hood and rear deck lid color on a “real” GTS is actually a very dark metallic gray. Tim will know!

The other person that comes to mind is Don Byars at Full Throttle Pantera’s. He’s restored a few USA GTS’s and would know the paint codes.

Pantera Miami?

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