2#1791 came to me with Vintage 1998 Glasurite Rossa Corsa and Jet Black. Ferrari soft paint.

Having owned Vintage Ferrari  and Maserati I plan to treat the paint to :



HD Cleanse


I don't know if this helps or what single stage paint is but I have had Great results with these products applied to Vintage Exotics from the 70s and 80s.


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warrenvictor posted:

I have decided to go with washing then clay bar treatment followed by Griots Polish #3 with orbital DA polisher, finally followed by Griots Best of Show wax with amazing results!

Highly recommended!



I did purchase the microfiber towels from Griots and I love them.

I also purchased the microfiber towels for the interior but haven't used the yet

At the risk of beating a dead horse I just want to emphasize one observation.

Pictures do not do justice .

Something Magic happens when 3M Imperial Hand Glaze followed by Zymol Carbon Wax meet Black Paint.

If anyone has black Paint anywhere on their Panteras I highly recommend this combination.Zymol3


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3m glazes are the best made. Though they have zero protection to the elements.  Most high end waxes solve that problem.  It's just a matter of what one likes.  I have a pile of cars and have owned over 100. I seldom ever wash a classic car. For over 20 years I maintain with one product only. Dry wash and gaurd. Applied with one micro removed with another.  Dust off with California brush. I have hundreds of products to get the finish where I want it but only 1 to maintain it. Have won many 1st place national awards too. Many Rolls and Bentley awards where 6 man teams go over your car and 400 points to start. That includes the bottom of the cars too and I drive to all events. I beat all the trailer queens too. Yes I spend copious amounts of time preparing but once done easy to drive and maintain.

Recently sold my one off Ruf btr c4 at Amelia in March after 20 years of ownership.  It was a 205mph street car with built in concealed roll cage. Eks that's 6 speed no clutch pedal, no tiptronic but a full 6 speed shifter. Last one on the planet that worked.  Adjustable all wheel drive from inside cockpit. Abs cut out . Only one like it. I sold it because I like my 73 rs hot rod.better. 2100lbs 320 hp. 3.4 twin plug. 

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