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Original and Genuine to the '74L Pantera.

Taken from Rear and fit Perfectly to the Front Hubs. And 1" Inside of the Fender Lip.

Painted Satin Black Removable. Filthy with Brake Dust. No Rust No Corrosion. Never Driven in the Rain. A couple of Gems for the New Owner, You Clean Them.

Includes (2) Isis Caps Painted. And (2) NEW Tires 205/50R-15 Dunlop Direzza 86V... are Mounted and Balanced, on them, with LESS than 100 Miles on the Treads. May Need to be Re-Balanced.

In Good Condition No Curb Rash. No Cracks No Dents. They Rotate True on the Spindle. A few nicks in the paint...shown in photos.

This is a Rare Opportunity to purchase a Pair of Factory 8 inch Wide DeTomaso Wheels.

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Take the 7 Inch wheels off the front of Your Pantera and replace them with these 8 Inch/205-50's, you'll feel an Improvement in Steering Response, Handling and Braking!

Both Wheels Hold Air 100%



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