I started "following" Alex M of BHCC on LinkedIn and surprised at what looks like some VERY nice cars he does offer. Seems like his Panteras are always a mess
If that's a $35,000.00 parts car then a straight restored car should be worth $100,000.00 not 80 not 70, and a really nice show car should be worth around $190,000.00. That's what it would cost, without profit.
Originally posted by pantera chris:
If that's a $35,000.00 parts car ....

On a bad day, I would take 35K for my collection of parts!
(some how I doubt anyone would even offer that much)
the vin 8878?

The BHCC uses some kind of "Stock Number" or something in their ads.

They are not saying this is the Pantera VIN #.

I believe this is a pretty early car (less than 2000 is my guess) based on the ZF 1.5 configuration.

Holy crap! I can't imagine one accident that would cause that damage; looks like it was driven off a cliff.
Spin around - hit guard rail or wall - bang, bang, bang. Wheels must have been replaced. BH is in the business to make a healthy profit. I wonder if they even paid $5K for it.
I shouldn't admit this but I got a really nice 73 from BH.
Project cars got to come from somewhere..I got mine from BHCC, lots of bog up front but no rust...Im very happy with my purchase and dont forget the price is negotiable so throw them a lowball they love it.
About 25 years ago I looked at a car much like this that was in a "Wrecking yard" in Georgia.

It was priced at $15,000. At the time Hall had a "sheet metal" package which replaced all of the steel exterior skins for something like 18 or 20 thousand dollars.

Bev Hall said, "what are you crazy?" when I told her what it was for.

At the time 30 to 35 thousand was top dollar for a Pantera.

Unfortunately passion over rules sensibility often.

You can get a car painted today for $10 thousand BUT the paint the way that you want it is about $40 thousand.

This still all makes no sense.
I sure wish we could have the chassis numbers for these cars. Chuck Melton's registry and our own forum records (available to all) could surely use them.

Is there a member living close to the Beverly Hills Car Club who would be willing to drive by and acquire the VIN numbers from time to time?

Their address is 4576-1/2 Worth Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90063

Which is actually East Los Angeles, nowhere near Beverly Hills.

If so please contact me privately.


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