I'm the proud owner of my first Pantera. I'm from Denmark, and have been looking for the right car for the past 6 months. Finally found it with help from PIM - It's now being restored with a fresh coat of paint, new interior etc.
When the shop is done with it, it will be shipped to Denmark for me to enjoy.

You can see and follow the progress here: www.carnut.dk

CLick on the Pantera #2241 at the categories at the right (Sorry, it's in danish - But Google Translate will do the trick...)
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Originally posted by Mark Charlton:
Congratulations! That car sure looks familiar, but I just looked in the garage and mine is still there.

What color are you repainting it, and was it originally white?


Wow - It's an exact twin to mine. It was yellow when it left the factory in october 1971. Repainted in 1990 when it was still on Hawaii, where it have spend most of it's life.
It will be Candy Red (2010 Ford Flex color)
VERY nice website You have there, BTW !!!!
Originally posted by DOES 200:
Very Nice! Looks like Chevy owner too (in the garage). Nice to see another Pantera/Chevy owner.

Thanks. The garage or the other cars are not mine, though. It's my friend, Steve, in California, who inspected and bought the car for me. He's the guy that are doing the paint etc. for me too.

In my garage here in Denmark, there is 2 CopCars (1971 Plymouth, Walnut Creek PD, and a '75 Plymouth NYDP) - See them here: www.policecar.dk

Also have a 1963 Mercury Marauder that at the moment is being build in 70's customstyle. Candy, flake, lace... you name it ! I love the 70's *LOL*
Originally posted by Timsteren:
Congrats! I'm looking forward to seeing it on the road here in DK.
Cheers, Tim.

Thank you Tim - Was it Your Pantera that was displayed at "Gavno Auto Jumble" ??? - Looks good !!

Can't wait untill mine hits Denmark. But it will probably be in the late fall, so I won't be able to drive it before next year.
Originally posted by David B:
Nice cat. Of course I prefer white, but I love the cop cars! Who is the "arrested" female and what did she do? Wink

Thank You. Your Pantera is VERY nice too. Love Your website ! I'll have to spend more time to look it through another day, when I have the time.

The female cop is a friend of mine. There's more pictures of her at my Policecar website: www.policecar.dk

And for more copcar/female pics there are a new update on my other site: www.carnut.dk

Enjoy... *LOL*
An update on my Pantera build in California.
Car was delivered to the paint/body shop 8 weeks ago. They have really been working overtime on this car.
Taken down to bare metal 2 days after we left it at the shop.

NO rust or bodydamage !!!! I like it......

Epoxy Primered

Almost no bondo needed for this car.

Now it's time for some color ! It's Ford's "Lazer Red" with a touch of Candy added to it.

The car left the paintshop last week, and are now on it's way to the upholstery shop.

When that's done it will return to the paintshop to get a final polishing, and will have the windshield, emblems etc. installed.

And after that it will go to another shop to get a new set of adjustable coilovers mounted, and then it should be ready to ship to me in Denmark.

On it's way to the Upholstery shop in Nuevo, CA

Delivered at the shop. Doors etc. will be alighned later...

Originally posted by MacMan:
There's nothing like a new paint job. So nice! I used to have a 98 Cobra Mustang that was Laser Red! Nice color. Big Grin

I (ofcause) love that color. I rented a 2010 Ford Flex on my vacation to SoCal two years ago, and instantly fell in love with that color. So I was pretty sure what color to choose, when I bought the Pantera.

Originally posted by BOXXBOYS:
...so I'm lurking in the Pantera shawdows at times and come across this. "Who would ever paint their Pantera Laser Red with Candy?"

Great Choice. Makes me shed a tear.

Dave X-3463

Damn nice car, Dave !!! My car is a spitting image of Yours. Wild !!!

Of course, seeing you change from that beautiful white to RED makes me shed a tear too... Ha Ha. dead horse roll on floor

Actually, the colour looks fantastic and you are going to have one very popular (the most popular?) car in Denmark when you are done. Even without the blonde cop-babes, I think the Pantera will win "most-popular" when you are at shows. I can just see the staged "chase" scenes involving your Fury and the Pantera!

Haha, Mark - Yeah, the white colorscheme was ofcause right up Your alley. I think it looked good too, but chose to ad some COLOR to it *LOL*
I was torn between the Ford "Laser Red" and the Corvette "Atomic Orange" for it.

Think I made the right choice, though...

Alot of the danish photographers that allready have taken alot of pictures of my other cars, can't wait till the Pantera arrives. They have ALOT of ideas.... Including my copcars, babes etc. - So that might be interresting.... dancing

Stay tuned - There will be updates constantly on my website: www.carnut.dk - Still it's in danish, but either BING translate or Google translate will do the trick (Hopefully)
Just got home after a 2 weeks vacation to California, where I ofcause also drove by my Pantera to see the process of the car.

Here I am just before my first testrun of the car. Excited is the word !!

Testrun is done... I LOVE IT !!!!!

The interior done by James Mendoza in Nuevo, Ca turned out GREAT. I have a new Piloto steeringwheel for it, for later install.
the colour looks fantastic and you are going to have one very popular (the most popular?) car in Denmark

Agree, it's really a nice and clean looking car and a terrific color. Looking forward to seing it here in denmark and going for some pantera cruising. Regarding popularity in denmark you may get steep competition from "no quarters" car, which is getting a fresh yet to be announced very secret colour Big Grin
Originally posted by No Quarter:
Thanks for those words Push1267. But while my car is great mechanically IMHO and soon will be exterior wise, the interior is not good. danishcarnut, unless the containership sinks, you win! :-)

Naaaaa, as long as Kristians (Push1267) Pantera is on the road, I have no chance of winning anything. That car is stunning everywhere You look. And that too is painted in a incredible color. Especially when You see it live and in the sunshine. So sparkling !!

But I'm really looking forward to see how Yours turn out, and what color it's going to be. But hopefully we can follow the process in here ??

I'm looking forward to see alot of Pantera's on the winding roads in Denmark next year !
A little update on my Pantera that are being finished in Cali. It's now VERY close to be done, and ready for shipping to Denmark. It will be shipped together with 2 other cars that I've bought. An unrestored lowmiles MINT condition 1962 Impala and a restored 1965 Buick Electra conv.

New weatherstipping, mirrors and inside doorhandles

The interior came out pretty nice !

The rideheight is a little high. It's at the highest because it will help the guys when loading the car at the shipper.

This is how it looks like when it's lowered....

Adjustable coilovers from PIM - Safetywired !!

More pisc here: http://www.carnut.dk/?cat=9
Thank You for the kind words, guys !
I too love what they did to my interior. The seats and headrests are modified a bit in shape, but not to much. The design is insprired by vintage Ferrari's like the GT4, but still with our own ideas.

To answer Mikael about the red switch, my buddy in Cali, says it's for the afterburners. I'll have to try !! *LOL*

There is some "in progress pics" on my website, but the text is in danish...

That's right. As soon as I get the name on the ship, I can follow it online on the shippers website.
It will be sent from Oakland to Denmark via The Netherlands (Holland) to save some money in tax. From Holland all 3 of my cars will be loaded on a truck, and then transported to Denmark and dropped off at my door. Hope there's not to much salt on the roads in february !!! And yes, I have checked the antifreeze on all 3 cars !!!!
Hi: I was just reading some of the recent posts on the discussion board and I saw that you now have #2241. I have #2248! Yours is the closest number to mine that I have seen and I have owned it nearly forty years. But there aren't that many around the Kansas City area. I hope yo enjoy yours as much as I have mine. Herb
Originally posted by Herb:
Hi: I was just reading some of the recent posts on the discussion board and I saw that you now have #2241. I have #2248! Yours is the closest number to mine that I have seen and I have owned it nearly forty years. But there aren't that many around the Kansas City area. I hope yo enjoy yours as much as I have mine. Herb

Hello Herb,

That's cool. They must have been on the assemblyline at the same time. You should registre it at www.provamo.com
#2247 and #2249 is both there. Your's is missing Wink
40 years with the same car is incredible !!
Any pictures of it ?
The car made the trip from Nuevo to the shipper in Oakland without damage. So now it "only" have to make the next 6000 miles to Denmark

Here it is at the shipper. DUSTY !!

My friend Steve (WilkWorx) that restored the car for me don't take any chances. So he wrote a list how to handle and take care of the car and attached it to the dash.

The '62 Impala is also mine. The Pantera is loaded on top, because another car of mine, a 1965 Buick Electra 225 convertible, will need to be in the container too.

(Yeah, the drivers side bumper will need some adjustment !!!)

So now I can just sit back and wait. Estimated day for arrival to Rotterdam in Holland is 12th of february. Then it will take a week to clear customs and drive it to me in Denmark. Hurry up spring !!!!!
Looks like the Danish Pantera community is getting better looking year by year. Kristians is maybe my favorite Pantera at the time, but this combo (same as Dave's) have been a color I myself have had in the back of my head for a Pantera some day in the future. And I too are awaiting Mikaels secret color tooSmiler Will be a good looking summer in Denmark this year..
It wil for sure be a good summer, with alot of Pantera's on the roads in Denmark. I know of one more beside mine that is new to the country.

Regarding loading/unloading the car: They have some long aluminum ramps that they use for it. They have done it many times, so (hopefully) it will not be a problem. The car is allready arrived in Holland, and will arrive in my driveway next week.
Finally !!! 8 months after purchasing my Pantera from P.I. Motorsports, it arrived to my driveway in Denmark. Two other cars that I have bought followed.

They cars where taken by truck from The Netherlands to Denmark

ON (COLD) Danish ground for the first time. Hurry up spring !!

A dead battery (Typical) - So it needed a little help from a booster

More to come.... But I will be in the garage for the next days. Drooling..... Big Grin
Originally posted by Husker:
Must be interesting driving around in Denmark with a Hawaii license plate!

Haha - It's not licensed here in Denmark yet. It passed inspection 2 weeks ago, and the same day I sent the paperwork to the Danish IRS, who will calculate how much registration tax I will have to pay. That takes 3-6 weeks.

So untill that, it still wears it's Hawaiian plates. It drove from 1972-1999 on Hawaii.
Originally posted by No Quarter:
F... what a garage! Cool

Mine does not compare...

Well, I don't use it as a "garage" and mess around with cars in there. I have another garage when I'm working on my cars. This garage we also use for partying, movienights with the guys etc. etc. - A real mancave ! Big Grin

My other garage is looking like this:


Just a tip when jacking your Pantera from the rear of the chassis like that, you run the risk of bending the chassis lip/edge/pinchweld there unless someone's installed an aluminum or steel block just inside the lip across to each frame rail to distribute the load more evenly when jacking. The other option is to cut a piece of wood 2x4 to fit across the frame rails just inside of their outer lips/edges to help spread the load when jacking.

Beautiful car, and great garages! I have major garage envy! Congrats!
Originally posted by DOES 200:
Pantera and garage look great! Love the stance on that white Impala as well! I have to get movin on improvin my garage, damn!

Thanks - I love my garage, and I spend many hours there, just listing to music, drinking coffee and playing on the Pinball Machine.

Yeah, the Impala is not bad either. Not mine though. I found it in California and bought it for a friend of mine. It will soon be even lower, when the airride system is installed. Low and slow...... Big Grin
Thank You. Yes, I'm VERY happy with it. Only problem is that I still haven't driven it yet. Only 10 miles when I drove it to inspecton. We still have snow, and it's still freezing at night, so they pour salt on the roads every day. I'm going nuts !!! Hopefully the roads will be better when easter is over.

I didn't know that You could open the site in Chrome, and with that get it translated. But I bet that the translation is a little wierd, haha

Happy Easter !
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