I'm the proud owner of my first Pantera. I'm from Denmark, and have been looking for the right car for the past 6 months. Finally found it with help from PIM - It's now being restored with a fresh coat of paint, new interior etc.
When the shop is done with it, it will be shipped to Denmark for me to enjoy.

You can see and follow the progress here: www.carnut.dk

CLick on the Pantera #2241 at the categories at the right (Sorry, it's in danish - But Google Translate will do the trick...)
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Originally posted by Mark Charlton:
Congratulations! That car sure looks familiar, but I just looked in the garage and mine is still there.

What color are you repainting it, and was it originally white?


Wow - It's an exact twin to mine. It was yellow when it left the factory in october 1971. Repainted in 1990 when it was still on Hawaii, where it have spend most of it's life.
It will be Candy Red (2010 Ford Flex color)
VERY nice website You have there, BTW !!!!
Originally posted by DOES 200:
Very Nice! Looks like Chevy owner too (in the garage). Nice to see another Pantera/Chevy owner.

Thanks. The garage or the other cars are not mine, though. It's my friend, Steve, in California, who inspected and bought the car for me. He's the guy that are doing the paint etc. for me too.

In my garage here in Denmark, there is 2 CopCars (1971 Plymouth, Walnut Creek PD, and a '75 Plymouth NYDP) - See them here: www.policecar.dk

Also have a 1963 Mercury Marauder that at the moment is being build in 70's customstyle. Candy, flake, lace... you name it ! I love the 70's *LOL*
Originally posted by Timsteren:
Congrats! I'm looking forward to seeing it on the road here in DK.
Cheers, Tim.

Thank you Tim - Was it Your Pantera that was displayed at "Gavno Auto Jumble" ??? - Looks good !!

Can't wait untill mine hits Denmark. But it will probably be in the late fall, so I won't be able to drive it before next year.
Originally posted by David B:
Nice cat. Of course I prefer white, but I love the cop cars! Who is the "arrested" female and what did she do? Wink

Thank You. Your Pantera is VERY nice too. Love Your website ! I'll have to spend more time to look it through another day, when I have the time.

The female cop is a friend of mine. There's more pictures of her at my Policecar website: www.policecar.dk

And for more copcar/female pics there are a new update on my other site: www.carnut.dk

Enjoy... *LOL*
An update on my Pantera build in California.
Car was delivered to the paint/body shop 8 weeks ago. They have really been working overtime on this car.
Taken down to bare metal 2 days after we left it at the shop.

NO rust or bodydamage !!!! I like it......

Epoxy Primered

Almost no bondo needed for this car.

Now it's time for some color ! It's Ford's "Lazer Red" with a touch of Candy added to it.

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