After a bath and a quick polish, the Pantera look alot better.

The roads are still covered with salt, so I can't drive it. Instead I can look at it in my garage, while I listen to music and enjoy a cup of coffee.

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Originally posted by Husker:
Must be interesting driving around in Denmark with a Hawaii license plate!

Haha - It's not licensed here in Denmark yet. It passed inspection 2 weeks ago, and the same day I sent the paperwork to the Danish IRS, who will calculate how much registration tax I will have to pay. That takes 3-6 weeks.

So untill that, it still wears it's Hawaiian plates. It drove from 1972-1999 on Hawaii.
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F... what a garage! Cool

Mine does not compare...

Well, I don't use it as a "garage" and mess around with cars in there. I have another garage when I'm working on my cars. This garage we also use for partying, movienights with the guys etc. etc. - A real mancave ! Big Grin

My other garage is looking like this:


Just a tip when jacking your Pantera from the rear of the chassis like that, you run the risk of bending the chassis lip/edge/pinchweld there unless someone's installed an aluminum or steel block just inside the lip across to each frame rail to distribute the load more evenly when jacking. The other option is to cut a piece of wood 2x4 to fit across the frame rails just inside of their outer lips/edges to help spread the load when jacking.

Beautiful car, and great garages! I have major garage envy! Congrats!
Pantera and garage look great! Love the stance on that white Impala as well! I have to get movin on improvin my garage, damn!
Originally posted by DOES 200:
Pantera and garage look great! Love the stance on that white Impala as well! I have to get movin on improvin my garage, damn!

Thanks - I love my garage, and I spend many hours there, just listing to music, drinking coffee and playing on the Pinball Machine.

Yeah, the Impala is not bad either. Not mine though. I found it in California and bought it for a friend of mine. It will soon be even lower, when the airride system is installed. Low and slow...... Big Grin
Your car looks great!
I opened your website in Google Chrome using a translator from Danish to English.
Great story , you must be very happy. Cool
Thank You. Yes, I'm VERY happy with it. Only problem is that I still haven't driven it yet. Only 10 miles when I drove it to inspecton. We still have snow, and it's still freezing at night, so they pour salt on the roads every day. I'm going nuts !!! Hopefully the roads will be better when easter is over.

I didn't know that You could open the site in Chrome, and with that get it translated. But I bet that the translation is a little wierd, haha

Happy Easter !
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