Anybody have a nice satin or soft indoor fitted car cover for Pantera they’d like to sell ? 
Grabber blue would be awesome but would consider anything nice !

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That’s a interesting thought !

I doubt that I’d find a Grabber Blue one though ! Lol

Looks like l better bite the bullet and order a new one. 

Lol. I got on eBay and found a company that custom makes them for your specific car, as the Pantera. It was called CoverKing. It’s a indoor satin stretch soft cover. Just came on sale for 284.95 and have it in my Grabber Blue. I don’t know a lot about it or them but seems like it’s one of the nicer covers out there. 
Glad to see I wasn’t alone as to looking for one !!! 👍

FWIW, I think the cover for my Pantera was a Cover King - fit very nicely!  I just tossed it a few months ago as it was old and tearing.  Let us know how yours fits once it arrives, as I need to get a new one.

As a point of reference, I ordered an "American Armor RipStop Car Cover" from Empire Covers (their most expensive cover!) for my 69 Cutlass convertible, and the fit was TERRIBLE!  I had to return it because it was so bad. 

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CoverKing covers are the best.  I use them for my daily driver that sits outside.  I get the Silverguard with flanel.  Go to and buy from them.  They have the BEST prices on the interweb and they get priority production from CoverKing.  CoverKing manufactures in SoCal. 

You can not go wrong here.

I bought the CoverKing !

The first one they sent was for a car with the wing? They had me send it back, redid it, fits great ! Love it

Oh yeah, Coverking is the best. Stormproof is excellent if you ever get caught in needing it to be outdoors in the rain and also Body Armor. The Satin Stretch is excellent for inside.

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