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Was in contact with the seller while searching for my car. A wery nice gentleman. He was kind enough to go and take a look on a car for me, and seemed to know a thing or two about the cars. He owns a Countach and a old Alfa Spider in perfect shape, so I guess he is selling now as that car no matter what shape it is underneath is nowhere near his wanted standard. If he can just sell it, and get a new one that is up to par with the rest of his collection, I for sure can understand that he will sell it so cheap.
Hi, this car will remain for sale at ONLY $26K for now. I am shocked that no one wants it at this price and am not going lower, so here it sits...would sure make a GREAT winter project for someone to either secure up as a 'driver' or tear into for the restoration that will take place with this car sooner or later.

I went through and 'detailed' up the interior today...I know some of it is not original, but it is still old and kinda cool! Smiler


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I can't even turn a wrench and I have this rough Pantera just hanging out in my garage...I ponder keeping it too since I am smitten with that style! Needs to 'lower' down to that proper euro ride height.....can I just yank out some spacers or something like that? lol! ....eventually I'll get er done...
Well there's a few of us around locally in the Reno-Tahoe Pantera Club, join up and we'll throw a tech session at your place and show you the ropes Wink

Seriously, if all that is stopping you keeping it is being able to turn a few wrenches, then there's nothing that a few old hands can't teach you, just shout.
Julian....for sure I look forward to one of you experts popping over to 'laugh' at my situation..just kidding, that is a kind offer. I did meet with and show the car to Larry S. right after I acquired it, and all he did was laugh and remind me over and over how much $$$ it was going to cost me to get this right..and improve that..and replace that with this, etc. It was frightening. Very nice guy, but he actually turned me right off to the whole situation and I know he meant well. The car has sat ever since Frowner

If you are ever down my way in me anytime to meet up and discuss my situation and ANY of you local guys can show off your car to me all you want...

Mike S. 775-544-9801 cell
I just want to be clear with this forum that I meant to make sure that I am appreciative of my meeting with Larry S. that prompts me selling the car before I get into an experience I am really not skilled for or prepared for. (restoring a Pantera). Thank you Larry,for the reality check, it was a great help.
Red, if you don't mind me saying, you should probably hang on to the car until the credit crunch is over. I think some folks probably want to buy it, but not many have that much cash laying around that they feel comfortable buying a hobby car with, especialy with what is going on in the world of finance right now. I would just park it in the garage until a better time, if it was me.
sure is a realistic appraisal is all I am saying, this is really sad. I have it advertised on a lot of 'prominent' auto forums as well linking to this ridiculous low price and no one has even ventured to look at the car...third time in a couple months on eBay at lower and lower prices...yuck!
If I might be so bold...why not contemplate sending the car out to be completed? I am not trying to tell anyone what to do as I am NO expert but keeping a car out there and dropping the price (These cars are being monitored) may not reflect well on the car and you might wind up selling a good car for real cheap. If you can swing it and like the car I say go for it. From reading previous posts it's obvious you have excellent taste in cars.
I feel like a schizophrenic with my mind changes and it is posts like yours that have me looking at the car always for the great car that it is. In about 24 hours it will either be sold or I will start exploring other options, but thanks for the sincere and intelligent suggestion.

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