Hi first of all new to this site and recently Im realy interested in buying a Pantera and trying to find out whats the best years and what kinda of upgrades are needed ie radiator etc.Im looking @ 2-1974 Pantera bascially in stock form but the dealer in my eyes wants too much for them ( mid 40s)
can I get some in put thx Mike
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If the cars are over priced make an offer all they can say is no.

I think you can find a $30,000.00 car but it will probably need work. These cars are usually in need of suspension rebuilds, halfshaft bearings, brake work, cooling system upgrades and more. I would recommend spending the most you can afford up front for a nicer car, this can save you lots of money in the long run.

Also check out http://www.panteraplace.com/ for great information on buying and upgrades for the Pantera
Start by visiting PIM. They always have cars for sale from entry level prices on up. It's a good place to get an education and see what the difference in price brings. Jerry and the folks in the shop are extremely knowledgeable and take time to get questions answered.

While in the area, I always stop by Pantera Proformance. While they do not sell cars as a rule, they are another source of information and usually have severl cars in the shop that are being worked on and will walk you through them.

Get involved with the local chapters of POCA. You have a wealth of information where you live and a lot resources that you can utilize. See if you can get someone who knows these cars to look at them with you.

Good luck.

Mid $40Ks isn't bad for the right Pantera. Can't really comment unless you can direct us to which Panteras you're talking about.

$40K - $50K is where most Panteras are selling today. A Pantera without rust issues, with good drive train, paint & interior, (in other words, one that isn't a fixer-upper) purchased for under $40K is a bargain in today's market.

I expect the prices of Panteras to continue to escalate.

Welcome to the DTIC, glad to have you with us.

Word of mouth is often the best method;

There's a local guy here in Reno selling a good solid no issues, no rust '73L Pantera. He's not in any rush to sell it, but it's fairly priced at $39K.

I Know the seller but not too much about the car apart from it's been well cared for, is light blue and has a delta wing. Larry Stock at PPC, Reno (1-800-De Tomaso) has more info., a full set of photos and seller contact details for anyone interested.

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