Pantera interior light lens wanted with or without chrome bezel. I would also be interested in the complete lamp with backing plate.

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FWIW, John, old lenses turn yellow and more opaque after 10 yrs or so. They also get brittle making them hard to R & R for bulb changing without cracking. Try one of the vendors for new white ones, or at least be sure the ones you get are white & flexible. The discoloration happens on the shelf as well as installed.
I've been told there is a Maserati light that is almost identical. I'd have to do a search to find the thread.
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If you locate a lens, replace the incandescent bulb with a LED. The heat from the bulb cooks the lens.


Do you have a part number?

Anyone have an e-mail address for Pantera-Electronics? I have an idea I'd like to discuss with him. I don't see any contact information on their website.
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