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The sign of a good market is when someone approaches you to sell, not vice versa.
Supply and demand and speculation is in the formula right now.
Some are betting that they won't go lower and they could double or triple overnight.
We will see. Personally I'm not predicting anything.
How many memers here, 1700? How many participants? 12? ...tells me something right there.
Well Doug, I will be bare balls honest with you. I have been thinking of selling my car. Not to buy anything, just because I have been sick all winter and have been too tired to work on it. I am getting older, we all are. SO I mentioned it in a thread here and I got an email from someone who saw that. Now me, being the prick that I am, I replied to him and insulted him and he got mad about it. Turns out he had sold his Pantera and was looking for another. So I appolgised and wrote him back telling him more about the car and what I was thinking about as far as price. He either was still insulted or he thought it was far too much for the car.
Now the whole point of this is that guys sell their car thinking they will just turn around and buy another one, maybe even nicer. Problem being is the market moved in the meantime and now they don't have enough to even buy there old car back. I think the market is moving which actually might cause it to move even more. Because people who have been shopping around for a bargin for years are beginning to realize they just may be frozen out of the market.
Everything I own is always for sale. It is only a matter of weather someone else will actually pay me what I want for it. Now you can go off and mumble no way is what I own worth that amount, but ata the end of the day, I still own it and you don't.
Now Doug, addressed this to you, but it was meant more as an open statement about the subject we are disscussing and really, you didn't even say anything about what I am talking about so please, don't take this as really being addressed to you. You my bud. That being said, how much is a Pantera worth?? It is worth whatever a buyer and seller agree on. You want my particular car you are gonna find other cars for a lot less money. But my personall car?? You want that specific one?? Well then you pay this amount and not a penny less. Or you can wait untill I die and rip off my wife and kids. Won't matter to me by then. You don't want to wait?? Then just pays me the money. Big Grin
Thanks you guys. If you do decide to sell, I would appreciate getting the assignment. I believe demand is very high at this time. We have sold more cars in the last few weeks than at any time before. Compared to CJ Mustang or Shelbys, we are very reasonable. Pretty soon, I think I will be able to quit saying that most owners will never get their investment back. I expect prices on good to very good cars to be globally in the 40-50K+ range. We have sold several 60K plus cars in the last 30-60 days.
I would rather see everybody simply enjoy their cars but if the time comes to let your car go, I would be very pleased to represent another Pantera owner. I can't foresee ever letting my car go and my daughters have assured me that they will treasure our car. After all, it is part of the family!
Your amigo, Dave
Originally posted by DeTom:
Ron, here is MY guess. 85K plus or minus condition and asthetics.
.................................................I can't see it that much yet. It would have to be a grp 4-5 or gt5s like downunders car to bring that much today. We should all wait until the rich Chinese that have been selling us crankshafts want the math.
Ron, my advice, having done something simular to what you just did, years from now when you realize what you have done and start feeling guilty for having stolen this guys car from him, just get in and drive and the guilt melts away. It is the only thing that keeps me sane. Otherwise I feel like a villan.
what I paid was not a steal ... it was a good buy .. if I "stole" it .. I would have said the deal of a life time. Its not a perfect car... its an original low milage car but not perfect. Guilty ?? Never ?? Everyone has different persepctives on things ... to some they are happy to get rid of old gas guzzlers .. other lover spending 8.00 per gallon on CAM 2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Yeah it was a little differant in my case. When I bought the car I didn't know it was anything special and neither did the guy I bought it from. He was selling it because of a divorce, so he was trying to screw his wife out of money, so I guess if you steal from a thief, it isn't so bad. Still I paid him going rate for what Panteras were going for back then. But still every now and then, I feel guilty. Then I take a drive in the car and feel way better.
I purchased #6661 in July 2004 for 30K. At the time I thought it was a decent price for what I wanted. A car mechanically sound but needed cosmetic restoration. In retrospect, I probably paid a little high, as I have had to invest some money in mecanical items, and can forsee additional expenses to get the car where I want it. I now have approximately 40K plus or minus into it. I figure a good paint job (changing the color back to yellow, but a more modern yellow) and leather interior (my wife thinks it should be tan, I'm thinking staying with black) will set me back 20 - 30K. Will I get my money back . While that's not my main focus it is in the back of my mind. But, with the way prices have been going, I don't think I will be too far off. My experience and what I have heard, prices follow the cost of restoration, trailing a bit. In other words, it cheaper to buy a restored car than do it yourself. Anyway, my 25 cents worth.
it seems cheaper to buy a restored pantera instead of doing it yourself.

This is generally true. The two problems I facedd when I was looking for my car in 2003 were...

1.) Restored cars cost more than I had money to spend.
2.) Good luck trying to find a car that's restored/upgraded to YOUR tastes! There are a lot of Pantera owners with poor taste when it comes to upgrades. And I am not willing to pay a premium for someone else's idea of the "perfect" Pantera, then have to spend more money to un-do and correct the seller's choices.

Buying a Pantera that hasn't been restored allows me to drive and enjoy it NOW and improve it over time as finances allow. In the end it will cost more, but it will be exactly what I want it to be. And I get the pleasure of doing it myself, which for me is one of the things I love about this hobby - I'm a do-it-yourselfer!

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