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HI ALL. I have for sale [ 6 ] NEW IN THE PACKAGE HOT WHEELS pull back racers in the following colors:
1-SILVER MET. [solid color]
2-RED MET.[solid color]
The following cars have designs on the top and side surfaces:
90.00 + 10.oo for S&H.** Reply to SVNT4PANTERA@AOL.COM
Sorry U.S.A. sales only...
ALSO---Have a full set of [20] Detomaso LOGO
lug nuts [black] v.g.c. but could use paint/
Took these off my car many years ago when i replaced them with chrome ones.
40.00 + 10.oo S&H
U.S.A. sales only.
Also have a lot of other DeTOMASO PANTERA
collectibles that i will be going thru and listing in the future IE:
Posters / danbury mint pewter / diecast
silver coins / ingots / etc.
Looking for something special, ask and i will see if i have it.
Please all replys directly to my EMAIL at:


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Also just came accross a PANTERA TAPESTRY
i bought years ago [forget the details]
But i am sure a lot of you will see the TAPESTRY and recognize it. As i recall one of the members had some made up and was selling them, maybe even thru this site?
Is in EXCELLENT condition and measures app. 5-1/2/ ft. long and 4 feet wide and depicts 5
different PANTERAS
140.00 [ plus 15.oo s&h ]
**sorry but U.S.A SALES ONLY**


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It's a semi-free world, and you can limit your customers to continental USA. And while I'm not interested in buying, I'm just wondering after having seen a few of these, why won't you Americans ship to the rest of the world? Are our addresses just too strange to write? Do you want to keep Pantera parts not too far away? Is there risk to you, if you get the money paypal'ed first?

No critique, just trying to understand.
MIKAEL, Hi. I think that you should post a new thread [ i would suggest in the - ALEJANDRO'S NEIGHBORHOOD PUB SECTION]
and ask the same question there, i think you will be surprised at some of the [horror / pain in the ass / scammed
storys that you will hear. Unfortunately the few have ruined it for the majority and for most of us it's not worth the chance
and / or the P.I.T.A. factor.. [SORRY] Not that long ago there was a big problem between a U.S. seller and a EUROPEAN buyer
of a Z/F gear box, although i don't know the outcome surely one of them got "screwed" in the end..
Should make a pretty interesting topic actually, i'll be watching / reading the responses..
Personally one of the reasons i wont sell out of the U.S. is a past problem with a MUSTANG part sale.
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