A friend of mine is looking for a car.  If you have been considering selling your car, please pm me and we can chat.

He is a serious buyer with cash waiting. I am certain he has the cash because he keeps showing it to me trying to buy my car with it.

He is interested in a nice quiet sale for a well sorted car, and travel is an option for the right car. 

Interested in an updated performance car but will consider all.

Please pm me for a friendly chat about your car.

Thanks, Paul...

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We discussed your car... He can't reach that far...lol... We are going to try and find something closer.  Coast to coast is a good haul...



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Thank you for that heads up.  I think for now, he is looking closer to Florida...

Love that blue though...


Congratulations to my buddy Michael who ended up with a very nice push button (Mike Coffel's old car)... Many thanks to all those who responded.PB04


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Thanks Julian,

I suspect when he bought this into the middle range of $75k -$120k he have a great deal on this super condition Pantera.


I stand corrected, it looked so much like the Bonhams car.

interesting looking VIN plate.. do the other plates match? what about the vin stamped above the brake pedal assembly just to verify you have a "correct" car. FYI, A #2150 would be way beyond a push button car.

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