My favorite car from childhood... I got to photograph it and it's all thanks to George, this amazing forum, and the guys Tony and Dave for their patience and for allowing creative liberties (I might have changed the color of the cars just a bit hahaha) check out some of the pix!!


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Originally posted by Chris Wilson:
Hi Mickie, if you are ever down in new zealand look me up, have a pantera and a 63 series one etype that would love your attention to detail. also know a few guys with some nice toys for a talented lensman. hope you are having a pleasant weekend.

would love to go over there... hopefully soon!!
Originally posted by Bosswrench:
With an hour's work, those photos would assemble into a calandar I'd buy! Am I alone here?

Didnt think of it, its a great idea... Ill fix some more and see what comes up!!
If you send me your email ill send u the big file of any of these

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