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Hello and Happy New Year!

I am a recent 1st. time Pantera owner, looking to replace the factory wrenches, screwdrivers and plyers in my tool roll for Pantera # 4503.

I do have the original screw jack and pieces to lift the car.20191230_140206

 As you can see in the attached photo. My tool roll / pouch is in excellent condition. Just need to fill it. Can anyone help?

If someone has a complete set including the pouch. I'd be interested. As I understand not wanting to break up a original set.


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  • 20191216_150900: #4503
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My tool roll took some time to re fill - I recommend this Ebay vendor in Italy "Scuderiaricambi" they're in Taranto.  The screw drivers and the wrenches/ pliers were same as the Dino.  The Battaini car lift/ ratcheted wrench come on Ebay from time to time.  Someone pointed Wilkinson, I only got the Window small crank from them but recall most being available.

The Dino used the same spanners.

The pics are some I had saved when I was focusing on completing the sachel.  Colsen Keane can reproduce the pouch from the original but it ain't cheap.



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