Looks good overall, brake MC looks very good, clutch MC may need seals but worked when taken off. From European Pantera 5093. Includes the original clutch pedal reduction kit which would cost about $300 to duplicate. $500 OBO +shipping



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Hi Larry,

I replied 2 or 3 times to


and just replied again.


I just sent several more photos.


They just don't come through. No idea. not in junk. just not there.
Anyway, please check and see if you just got paypal $.

I see your payment, thanks.  I'll drop off at UPS Monday evening to:

Larry Weston
86 Colby Road
Danville, NH 03819

It's weird that my emails aren't getting through.


Hi Larry,

You should be getting notices from UPS.  The tracking number is


suppose to be there Monday the 24th.


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