Hi kids,

While I understand the keen interest everyone has in this section of the message board . . . .

Recently purchased a car, neither the seller nor the buyer (that would be . . . Me?) felt really comfortable about releasing this information.

Horns of a Dilemma? You bet!

Without a rating system for the cars this is all pretty much a matter of opinion. And a "rating system" might be a matter of opinion, too.

soooooo many factors . . . .buyers lust; sellers situation; supply; demand; yadda, yadda yadda.

my nickel is spent.


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Dave, You and I have discussed this amongst ourselves, but since you brought it up again... I wanted, and still do, to get an idea of how asking prices are related to selling prices.Steve's car was well-spoken of by all who know it. But was it worth 39.9?? I figured about 35-36 from what I learned. All of us shopping and selling have no Blue Book to use as a guideline-actual sales are our only clue. One wants to feel some sense of paying a fair price - as Chuck said, despite all the variables, a selling price is at least some knowledge. I still fail to understand you and Steve's tight lipped attitude amongst this community. My 2�.. remember, you brought it up :-)) Larry
David is 100% correct....Pantera prices are tooo subjective with too many variables that get would get lost on this board.

However, it's still fun to see final sale prices get posted every once in a while :-)

Bob Eaton

p.s. I went back and looked over Steve's description of his car and the comments left from other folks AND I judged his car to be worth his asking price. A modified and updated car worth every penny asked...

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Why bother writing in if you're not going to include any price info and description of the car/s? Might as well read a book. IMHO
In doing a little research I have found the "average" 71-73 Pantera is being sold at $31,700.00. I also know there is no such thing as average, but I would like to see prices posted along with the major mods and upgrades. I also believe most car are being sold too cheap. We are not talking about Mustangs or Corvettes, but rather a car line that is no longer made. Every month a couple of Panteras disappear for whatever reason. We should make every attempt to hold the line on our sales prices to try and make up for the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into every restoration project. The Pantera is truly an undervalued exotic!!
I have found that cars are listed for a higher price on the West Coast than other places in the US. I found a P in better condition (no rust), less mileage (3811 miles) and more original condition than found on the West coast. I also paid $10k less than one with 12k more miles. I guess there are all sorts of variables to consider.
I have a 72 pantera. 100% restored, all up- grades, NO RUST!! spent 15 months and $48,000. but I can run doun a zo6 on the track, beat viper in a drag race, plant you in the windshild with the brakes, go to the local hangout and most talk about the pantera. I can not replace the performance for less than $60k, and more if you want a collector car. as for me--- my pantera is
a $80,000 car.

Thanks. I'm glad you shared that. I bought my car for $15K in '97 and started restoring it (aka writing checks). Last summer, when I finally put it on the road I added up the resto reciepts for insurance purposes. Added up to $62K.
Now when I see primo cars going for $30K I get sick. But we have to remember, that not too far down the road these cars are also going to need all the rust-resto and updates that our cars already have, and that kind of skilled labor isn't getting any cheaper!
Besides, what kind of new car could we buy with $62K, a 'Vette? I see 10 of them every day. And since my odometer just turned 12,000 mi. I guess you could consider my '72 Pantera sort of new.
I guess I shouldn't feel so sick after all.
TO: rtaspl & ETolnes

You guys sure hit the nail on the head. There is no way to make sense of the money we spend on these great cars.

That is, until you look at that awesome rear view every time the garage door opens, or listen to that idle, or tromp on it in traffic...

At least we?ll never run out of stuff to do on those long nights and quiet weekends. Look anywhere, anytime, and you?ll always find something to take apart, rebuild, polish, and replace. A labour of love and love has no rhyme or reason.

Love that Pantera.
Right deeb. Also, don't forget the looks on peoples faces when to drive by, ground shaking when you are sitting at idle, and the ladies with their boyfriends (in their Vettes) that go gaw gaw and point when they see the car!
can you say "Priceless"?
NADA shows Pantera values as a book value. That is a great place to start putting a realistic value on a car.
Then, see what addons and upgrades are in place and find out those values also. When you are finished you will have a comprehensive estimate of the cars true value.
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