well..if all new..
1) did spread oil via the uncovered heads to lubricate the rocker and springs etc

2) did use a drill with 1/4 extension to build up oil pressure (I taped the nut to NOT LOOSE IT!!!). Is a known practice where you access the pump via the opening from the distributor... You might turn the crank after a while to get a different position for the lifters and may be the bearing/holes. Does work even if engine is already in the car.

I use an accusump pre oiler Plumbed into the oil pressure sender oriface. I also have a line from that location to the oriface adjacent the oil filter. I have a one way check valve in that line that prevents flow from the accusump & oil sensor location to the oriface adjacent the oil pump. I love starting the engine after my oil pump pressure gauge reads 10 lbs.
Good lead !
Bought that tool from summit and it worked like a charm.
Serviced engine with some light weight oil so It would be easy to get it everywhere. Installed tool connected to a 1/2in drive electric drill and presto, oil pressure.
Thanks for the help.

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