Has anyone on the list had trouble with this company lately. I ordered some parts from them back on April 21st and have yet to see them delivered. I have sent three emails which have gone unanswered and have called three times, each time going to voice mail. I have dealt successfully with them in the past, but this is way out of character. I'm guessing maybe they have gone out of business. If so I may be stuck as the charge has already gone through my account. Any information is appreciated.
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I have dealt with Bob recently and just saw him at the Fun Rally over the weekend. I would imagine that the issue is with the fact that he was away in Vegas?

Surprising how many "business people" don't even know the basics of business. What with all the communication tools today there's no excuse for something like that. Find another vendor.
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If so I may be stuck as the charge has already gone through my account

Posted to your account is one thing.

Paid for is another.

In general, you can dispute a charge only if it hasn't been paid.

If you pay in-full each statement, withhold just the questioned charge and follow your card issuer's process for contesting a charge.

I've done this a couple of times and had satisfactory resolutions. If it is small enough, like the $5.21 American Airlines charged me five weeks after my flights, the credit card issuer will just give you a credit. Thus American got their $5.21 but I didn't pay for it.

I seriously doubt there is anything underhanded about your failure to receive your order. Just a lack of good customer relations.

This compagny is a disaster area on comunnication. After months of trying to get something done I just gave up.Never again thats for sure

I bought from him recently and was able to talk to him on the phone multiple times related to my order and work being done. Don't expect it to be Amazon like service (instant updates via mail and website). I'm a happy customer of his!

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