Hey Mangusta owners.

Here's a question I've never needed answering previously.

The picture below is from a current eBay ad. Its a black Mangusta.

Would the chassis number (VIN) be described as 8MA854 or 8MA0854?

69 Mangusta 8MA854


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In California, had to drop the leading zero in order for the computers at the DMV to recognize the VIN. Vin on the registration simply reads as 854. Make is listed as De Tom. 


I do not recall any Mangusta with a '0' quoted in the VIN. They are 8MA500 to 8MA1302.


ps there are at least 2 cars were a gusset was added after the VIN was stamped and the number is stamped 1234*8MA (not real number) but the registrations are 8MA1234

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