I'm in the process of rebuilding my brake calipers and need a good set of pistons or entire rear brake calipers. If you have done a rear brake upgrade and have old calipers sitting around I could use them.


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We have dozens of them, removed for modern brakes. You pay shipping I'll send you a set of rear calipers free. Send a pick up UPS order I'll box them up & have them ready. They need rebuilt, probably like what you already have. Be cautious... any calipers you get will need pistons, not just rubber. The pistons pitted something awful. If you wish to proceed, contact us.

A note of interest, what it will cost you to rebuild with modern pistons/sleeves, will greatly EXCEED a set of Wilwood, which may, someday, just may save you life. So think about what you're doing.

Pantera Miami

Yet another option:

My friend Doug had his Pantera brake calipers sleeved with stainless steel sleeves, and I believe the company manufactured new stainless steel pistons too.  I'm not sure which company did the work for him.

Here's a link to one I remember from decades ago, still in business:

Stainless Steel Brake Corporation 

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I spoke to Wilkinson yesterday. He only has used pistons. I may go that route. One of mine is pitted pretty bad and one has the plating worn off in a spot. 

I appriciate your offer Sharkey. I would gladly take you up on that if I knew I was getting usable parts. I could reuse my pistons but 1 for sure is likely to leak at some point. 


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Also available new, but these guys don't ship to USA.


And, they require a really easy machining operation to shorten them .075"

PM for details.

budweg pistons

Thank you for this tip, in addition to the parts of Peugeot can be bought very easily in France.

Be careful about buying replacement pistons for stock rear Girlings. The floating piston with the metric threaded square-stud for e-brake adjustment is fairly simple to replace, but the other piston with the built-in clevis is a mess to disassemble/reassemble. I tried it and after getting three layers down in snap-ring retainers & broken plastic pieces, I carefully reassembled what I had and put it on a shelf 25 years ago. I suggest finding a good used caliper complete and working with that. Larry Stock at PPC-Carson City and (I think) Wilkinson in CA) both offer rebuilt stock assemblies, with your rebuildable cores.

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