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Can someone confirm what the correct SKF rear wheel bearings are? . Want to buy a quality bearing like SKF  and use a wider inner bearing. 

I found these, but want to see what others have used. I see there are metal  or polymer cased ones.  When I removed the old ones, one axle side was metal and the other side had polymer. Is one better than the other? I hope to buy quality parts and only have do this once. 

SKF 5208 A-2RS1 . This is the wide inner bearing, and is an angular contact bearing. 

SKF  6308-2RS1 - The outer bearing.



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The outer bearing should be a 6208 (NOT 6308).  It is 40 x 80 x 18mm.

The 5208 is 40 x 80 x 30.2mm.  The SKF website says that the 5208 p/n has changed to 3208A-2RS1.  A Google search seems to indicate that the 5208 p/n is still available.  

Since the double row bearing is 12.2mm (0.480") wider, you will need to shorten the bearing spacer by that amount.


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Thanks for the reply, but the outer bearing is larger (90mm) than the inner (80mm), so 6308-2RS1 is correct for the outer.  

SKF bearings I'm going with are these with the polymer (rubber) casings. 

3208 A-2RS1 (40x80x30.2) for the wider inner

6308-2RS1/C3 (40x90x23) for the outer 

I bought the short spacers, axles and axle hardware from Wilkinson's. When I asked Steve about his bearings he said they were quality ones from India. Not knocking his bearings, but for about the same price and piece of mind I'm going with these SKF brand bearings. They are known quality. 



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