My car's intial 'roadworthiness' trip at Roush is nearly complete. As I near the more "specific" Pantera needs (suspension, alignment, cooling) I'm considering having the car taken to Pat Mical (Performance Automotive) due to his vast experience AND convenient east coast location.

I just want the car properly "set up" for mildly spirited street driving, w/o going mod crazy.

Anyone with any involvement with him at all, please feel free to PM me or post here according to guidelines as you feel comfortable.

Thanks to the best board in automobiledom!
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I've been quite happy with his service. He made some Aussie 2V headers for me. Top notch quality. From talking with him on the phone (he loves to talk about cars!) he seems very knowledgeable. He has worked on high tech race cars for some years now. I don't think you can go wrong. He's a very upfront guy. If he has an opinion he will definitely voice it, but he has the background to back up his views.
Thanks Husker. He DOES love to talk cars, unquestionably. So much so that I tend to feel I'm "keeping him" from something (the downfall of most small businesses, not realizing that Time Vampires drain the life out of their profit and productivity.)

Anyway, getting this car 'dialed in' with the suspension set up right is attractive to me. He rattled off about 4 critical setting that CANNOT be obtained with the 'fixed' settings as the car sits and thus has engineered 'adjustability' within more modern specs. Don't ask me what those are, but I accepted his experienced assessment.

I feel this work will greatly aid my enjoyment of the car (driving, steering, control feel) but won't bring me a dime's worth of resale. Not planning to sell it anytime soon, but I gotta be a good steward nonetheless.

So, now I'm fishing for a reference AND a counseling. What sayeth you members of the PI community about investing in a vastly superior suspension set up?
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