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There is an extra switch installed on the Central Gauge Panel that is a mystery to me.

While looking at the Seller's Description and List of Pantera Upgrades a " Remote Electric Heater Core Shutoff is listed.

If this switch is to operate this deviceIMG_20190520_172438

Can anyone explain what it does and why I need it within arms reach.

It's the switch just left and above the "Lights" switch

Thanks in advance


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Original Post

BF8A146A-527E-471C-A1EC-4C1AC1E20786 Young grasshopper is seeking answers and I will do my best to enlighten.  😉

 Your remote electric heater valve is the same unit I previously had installed on 2511. It was an upgrade that went through the community maybe 10 years ago.  The photograph is of my unit which is now removed.  As you will notice the control knob is exactly the same as the control knob on your console, located to the right of your radio.

 Now for the rocker switch on your console  that you thought was for the heater valve. It is in the same location as the original rheostat that controlled the gauge lighting and I suspect it replaces that rheostat with a simple on-off switch. Easy to check this evening in a dark garage.

Now on to the two devices at the left hand bottom of your dash, near the steering column.

The knurled knob is the trip odometer reset knob.  Twisting it will return your trip odometer back to zero. 

 The toggle switch is definitely another non-original switch, and on this one anybody’s guess is as good as mine. 

You’re welcome. 😉



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 The factory heater valve is known for not closing completely and the constant leak of hot coolant works against air-conditioning in summer.  Engine coolant heater coils and air-conditioning refrigerant coils are a single unit. 

 When a underdash coolant rubber hose breaks, and they do, it very often dumps steaming coolant on the driver, passenger and or fogs up the windshield.  Obviously when this happens there is a great potential for calamity.  This is a well-known problem and tech inspectors will almost always require manual shut off valves, located in the engine bay, for any Pantera participating in a track event.

 So to solve both of these issues many owners installed two manual shut off valves in the engine bay, resulting in pleased track event inspectors and better functioning air-conditioning. 

 But there are days in the spring and the fall when an early morning drive needs a heater but late afternoon calls for an air conditioner and that meant stopping and crawling under the car to open and/or close the manual valves, assuming you had mounted them somewhere where you could reach them. 

 Enter the four port electric heater valve and I think you understand why those of us with the manual valves saw the electric valve as a worthwhile upgrade allowing simple cockpit opening and closing of the heater core coolant.  

 The dash control is a potentiometer that opens and closes the valve in increments

 It is likely that your under dash heater valve has been deleted or is in a non-operating condition. To still have it functional  -  or even remaining in the piping  -  seems redundant with the electric valve also installed. 

 Mine was removed during collision repairs and will not be reinstalled as I am going with a new aftermarket compact HVAC  unit from Restomod that incorporates their own two port electric heater valve.


2C74FE5E-55FC-49E6-A36C-AFFB81CBFC34Uh...... RestomodAir 

 It is a custom install unit and is not specifically designed for a Pantera. I had them ship me a mock up of the unit and determined the project is something I can accomplish. 

 It is not for the faint hearted and will likely require voiding the warranty with the custom modifications needed. 



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I thought that was the "Restomod 'Batman'" Air Conditioning Unit!

It's eye-catching, that's for sure.

Generally - where will it mount - under the dash on the passenger side, or does it replace the evaporator? 

Anyway - I am sure you have put a lot of brain power into it.  Pictures would be appreciated as the install goes forward...  It probably deserves it's own thread!

Keep us posted - Curious minds want to know!

Rocky (a.k.a. Chuck)

BC01CA1A-4DD0-4176-9AD6-F1263B249433 This is the mock up very roughly positioned. Yes, it does intrude into the passenger foot well area but with a seat installed I found the area occupied is high enough to really cause no encroachment on passenger comfort. 

 The modification problem involves the air plenum that originally directs all the air upwards. The rear outlets can be modified for the Pantera defrost but the front outlets will need to be blocked off and a new outlet of some sort fashioned for the front of the plenum. 

Again, not for the faint hearted. 😉



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joea posted:

I have a toggle switch in the same location, it is for a retractable stereo antenna.

My car has the same thing.  The antenna is controlled by a similar toggle switch, as it also served the CB Radio (now removed) that was present when I bought the car.  Eventually, I'll rewire the power antenna to be auto-driven by the stereo when it's turned on or off.

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