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My clutch master cylinder has failed and I am attempting to replace it. The clevis pin attached to the actuator is frozen in place and there is not enough space for me to drive the pin out. I cannot envision a tool that will allow the extraction of the pin in such a small space.  PB Blaster has been applied multiple times and I still cannot rotate the pin to remove it.

Anyone have an idea as to loosen up the pin to remove it?  Thanks Bruce Holmes

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EE72FCB6-FDF9-4E75-ABAD-5CBC3958EACAAA0F0703-6A7B-496B-9757-204BA98166EFAre you talking about item number seven in this photo? It is retained by C-clips at both ends. Have you removed both of them?

Those clips are a PITA for anyone that has ever had to deal with them. I chose to replace mine with new clevis pins, washer spacers as needed because I couldn’t find the exact length, and retained with a single hair clip pin.



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You'll soon realize it would have been a whole lot easier to just remove the entire pedal assy., toss it on the bench and go through everything including changing the pedal springs, blasting/painting/lubricating everything. The springs are a cinch as they can be wound on easily without removing anything. We've even done them in the car. At that point simply install the whole package all done no muss no fuss :-)

PS it's not too late to remove everything together, not a big job.


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Removing the clutch master pin is a problem. Once out, you'll likely find the unhardened stock pin has a groove worn in it, which causes pin removal to be difficult. In addition, some cars had a pin with one e-ring and a head on the pin, instead of two e-rings. That means the pin can only move in one direction- and its not always in the 'easy' direction!  Some owners cut a 1" hole in the side of the pedal box from the front trunk side, in line with the pin. This makes fiddling with the pin simpler, and you can lead the strongly suggested emergency front hood cable release thru the 1" pin access hole (see TBD Bulletin 9, Article 64).

When reassembling the master cylinder on a late '72-up with the clutch effort reduction system, ALL the unhardened links and pins in there may be similarly worn from age and utter lack of lubrication for 50 years. This critically reduces maximum clutch throw from pedal all the way back to the clutch disc. I used hardeneable tool steel and clips to fabricate all my replacement pins. The Pantera is truly a mechanic's (machinist's) car!

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