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As far as I know Crane Cams is out of business. I had recommended their HR216 hydraulic roller camshaft often. A fellow recently contacted me and asked if it would be possible to have a duplicate ground by Bullet Cams. I hadn't thought of doing that.  Good idea.  Thought I'd share the results with you all.

Here's the specs for Crane’s camshaft
Grind # HR-216/325-2S-12; Part # 529541
Hydraulic Roller Cam for a Ford 351C V8
Dual pattern camshaft, asymmetric lobes

Lobe Separation Angle: 112°
Mfg.’s Cam Timing (Indexing): + 1° (advanced)
Intake Lobe Mathematic Centerline: 111° ATDC
Exhaust Lobe Mathematic Centerline: 113° BTDC

Advertised Duration at 0.004: 278°/286°
Duration at 0.006: 272°/280° estimated
Duration at 0.050: 216°/224°
Gross Valve Lift at 1.73:1 Rocker Arm Ratio: 0.562/0.586
Overlap: 52° estimated

There were no exact lobe pattern matches, but we were able to get pretty close.

Order from Bullet Racing Cams
Hydraulic Roller Cam for a Ford 351C V8
Employing Bullet Cams lobe HR271/332 for the intake (asymmetric)
and Bullet Cams lobe HR280/338 for the exhaust (also asymmetric)

Lobe Separation Angle: 112°
Advise indexing the cam: + 8° (advanced)
Intake Lobe Mathematic Centerline: 104° ATDC
Exhaust Lobe Mathematic Centerline: 120° BTDC

Duration at 0.006: 271°/280°
Duration at 0.050: 214°/225°
Gross Valve Lift at 1.73:1 Rocker Arm Ratio: 0.574/0.584
Overlap: 51.5°

I used to advise advancing the timing of the Crane camshaft 6° (or 7° if possible) in order to set the EVO and IVO where I think they should be. This is why I advise having Bullet cams set the timing of this camshaft at +8°.

This cam, advanced as I have recommended, closes the intake valve at 59.5° ABDC which is very early. This requires moderate compression; 9.63:1 static compression (max) equals 8.0:1 dynamic compression.


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Original Post

Hi George,

good to see you post again.

I ran into the Crane Cams problem last year when I wanted to order my cam, inspired by your posts here.

I ended up with Bullet, but also talked to the guys at Crane and Compcams, this is what I got out of it:


          Unfortunately, as of January 1st, Crane Cams is no longer open. However, we can still make the Crane grind as a custom Comp Cams camshaft. It would cost $199.41 for the camshaft and $94.07 for the 832-16 lifters. We can ship internationally but we only use FedEx or UPS. Let me know your address and I will get you a quote on the shipping.

Thanks, Robert

Robert Freund

COMP Cams Warehouse & Technical Sales

Edelbrock Group

3406 ******** Rd.

Memphis, TN  38118

Direct: 386-506-0327"

Robert Freund from Crane now works for CompCams and you can still order the Crane grinds as special order from Comp.

Hope this helps and as always: Sorry for my bad english.

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