team, looking for some advice before I launch this project. When I pulled 4072 out of winter sleep my OEM gas pedal snapped in half. I ordered a new one but would like to ask the team, can I just remove the old pedal arm from under the dash or do I have to remove the entire pedal assembly with brake and clutch to replace? Looking at the schematics it looks like I could remove my seat and tap out a retaining pin on the pedal??? Thanks

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Just remove the circlip (snap ring) on the gas pedal pivot and the pedal slides off easily.  Also remove the clip that retrains the throttle cable to the pedal.  It is the same one that is used on the carb side of the cable.

I have done this with the seat in, but it is easier with the seat out and the steering wheel off.



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Dear Dave,

            My pedal also snapped in two during a spirited acceleration ramp launch.

            It was straightforward to remove, take it to a welder and have the two aluminum pieces made into one again.

           Replacement back into position was the reverse of removal. No big deal.

                            Warmest regards, Chuck Engles



Thanks for the quick response. I’ve been under the dash for the last 30 minutes trying to push that locking pin out. Sorry for my ignorance but do I just push the clip with a flat screwdriver or is there a trick? I think I’ll remove the driver seat tomorrow morning. Thanks team!

 If the clip your post refers to is the round clip in the photo posted by Steve, then yes, I find a small flat tip screwdriver that will fit in the small openings usually does the trick with a twist or five 



Perfect yep used a snap ring tool and got it off great. Wrestled to get the pin out of the old pedal but with a lot of wd40 and a rubber mallet it cam out. Realigned the pin in the new pedal and put snap ring on. Trouble now is trying to get the pin in the hole by the firewall. Ugh very little clearance to use a hammer. Even with the brake stopper removed. Any suggestions? I love this forum for answers.......thanks dc

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