Long post sorr: with cost to do a very very nice paintjob at bottom buy it completely painted/rustproofed indside out engine bay trunk. Links to pics (not the current ones they are hthe day I looked at the car) but I am shooting some more soon! Thanks
Ryan http://pantera.infopop.cc/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/3350045562/m/8240068524

1973 L Pantera AKA Affectionately known as the PWT pantera for sale. I located a 1971 challenger convertible in plum crazy purple and being that is my ther dream car, its pianted already and It's steal so I need to sell this car and my 4 speed 70 1/2 camaro z28 clone. I have a 71 pantera already so I need a mopar to replace my departed 71 chally...

The project, if you have a local guy I know who already bid the job do the paint and body (he's fast clean and good) will go fast and come to you painted. The pics in the grass (see my car in the detomaso Photos section please) Additional pics PM me your email and I'll get them to you. You are seeing how I found the car. I have since removed the interior except the dash. Looking for Rot. I found No body Rot just scale. The whole car is steel with polyfiller to smooth out parts of spoilers.The flares and rear valance were custom fabricated by a customChopper builder/ fabricator of Stanless steel cainetry for military application.
$15500 for EVERYTHING with the Cara nd its a BUTTLOAD of stuff. The car has a working 12 quart Dry sump system that goes with the car if it sells at asking price or close. Only things the car no longer has are the scoops by the tank doors.

Negotiable to a certian point and if I keep some of the parts for my 71's motor.

(If i keep alomost evertything motorwise as in the additional new spare hi perf engine parts and the 180's and dont give you a new stock hood, the extra dash just the car, motor, ZF stock seats and recaros,motor, trunk and a console and doorskins,konis all trim pieces I'll sell the car for $13000. Hipo built motor already in the car, a perfect hood (stipulation above), stock seats and recaro LS's a second block(the original one) fresh from shop nitrided polished chamfered crank, two sets new forged pistons TRW/mickey, forged rods, superlight screwpin rods, 5 unused Camshafts elgin/fms/comp Rollerocker rockers solid lifters polished valves,dual valve springs, Two addtional sets of heads. There is a huge list of Unused 351c erformance parts new moly pushtods, rings bearings, arp studs, louvered gass tank door., Perfect early dash,console and doorskins and arm rests all in superb shape., plus the brown front half of a late console and brown doorkins in good shape sell em? and the stock. i have all of the trim, the fiberglass luggage compartment, The car has konis, vented crossdrilled rotors, early vader headlight conversion, centerforce clutch, taper roller bearing shift linkage, a free shifing transaxle,Gears never scratched according to the previous ownder motor spins freely but i have not attempted to start it however pulled a valve cover and it looks good inside despite its orogonal outside apprearance which I cleaned up with as little water as possible and does indeed have roller rockers, i powdercoated the front grille and wiperarm grilles gloss black. The car needs paint/body cleaning and reassembly. Personally i would tear downand re assemble the motor since the oil/gas/coolant sat in there for several years before I picked the car up. The car has 180's on it which i will NOT sell without the car. If you want the car painted add this below to out final sales price and you will still come out way ahead considering the cost of parts and the astronomical price of paint and body. I't pays to ride a motorcycle and run around with that and the muscle car crowd. Build a race car or a street car for about 25,000 and it will already have the flares and goodies that you'd want to put on a stock 28-30k L car Oh and BTW I have the Euro Aluminum bumperettes so you dont need to run the butt-ugly cheese wedge front bumper. Thanks

I found a shop in Oakland Ca that will do the paint and body for $6500 Plus meterials $1600 PPG materials
His description:
1-2 coats base
2 coats clear

Engine bay:
Priming -sealing
base coat 3 layers- clear coat 3 layers

Rust removal and body work
surface prep
primer surfacer - primer sealer - 3 coats Base - 3-4 coats Clear
After painting and 2 weeks to fully cure the clear coat
Wet sanding 800 grit
Wet sanding 1200 grit-1500 grit
Buff and polish

Rust treatment/coating
Rubberized coating

$6500 + materials

Thank You
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Hey PWT, no offence but from the pics you have of your car so far it looks alot scaryer than the wrecked canadian car, I almost hate to admit it but being a bodyman myself I don't know what it is that attracts me to cars like this when I see them. Looking at the pics again now after driking a 6 pack of corona, the car do't look so scary to me. Where abouts are you located in CA?, some moe better detail pics would be good to see.
I was wanting to make plans to drive down with my mini van with trailer and get some parts at Maier racing in Hayward hopfully some time next mo. If you still have it, I though I would have a look. I will bring the beer goggles with me.
I got 2 projects/jobs I am finishing off in the shop first and then was planning to take a break and go do some shoping down there so I can't give you a date, do what you must and if you still have it when I go I will check it out. I sure would like to see more pics of engine bay, interior, doors, rockers and so on first though.
Of course . I am going to a birthday party my buddies where the car is being stored. I'd be happy to provide detialed shots for every one. Once i have done that and have pictures, what is every one's thoughts on primering the car before selling strickly for aesthetic reasons. I woudl encourage enone who considered this car to seeit in person or Greg Jacobs (Crashtest dumbass)Live near me can look at it and post an objective third party opinion. He isnt going to bullshit anyone here. I've under and around this car quite a bit since I bought it and it is not anywhere near as bad as it looks. I would not have picked it up if it was a rust bucket. The hood should not be considered in the equasion since I have a rust free OEM replacement. Thanks
Originally posted by PWT Pantera:
is it a 383 car or a 440car ? Real j code or a clone? Shoot man sell your project and buy mine! Looks like i realisitcaly will not beable to come up with the cash in time unless I get my butt in gear ongetting a few cars on ebay
It is a numbers matching 383 fj5 car with blk interior and a black bumble bee stripe.I have the original broadcast sheet that came with the car.It is currently being restored to concourse condition with the correct colour undercarriage and overspray.I will probably show the car at Carlisle next year if I still own it.


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I know it. i have a 71 now that i was bamboozled on-by-an-unscupulous-douchebag-of-an-seller. The owner stripped all the good parts from the car the night before left the front suspension finger tight and it disassembed itself on the freeway (on the way home from buying it) and i crashed.Then-ifound-out-what-a-pos-the-body-was-on-my-challenger.
I have an entire zip folder of new, detailed pics. Email me at ryancway@gmail.com if you are interested. Will sell the car for 12,500 without spares (perfect replacement hood will be $350 plus shipping from the southwest. Complete with spare hi-performance cleveland engine parts NOS radiator ect $14,000. I'd like to sell the car since the real estate market just sucks right now otherwhise I guess I'll just tuck it away and forget I own it till the economy turns around. Thanks
Ryan 925-457-8510


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