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IMG_1037Micheal short made molds of my revson spoiler and then had some type of falling out with the small manufacturer in Yuma

he currently has one carbon fiber one he want $1000 for and 3 fiberglass ones he didn't give a price on.

just throwing it out there, i gave him a vendors email to try and sell them also


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Hey Larry

Im aware. i let the manufacturer in yuma know. apparently they were trying to do a remake of the ford GT90 from the 90's.

i would think his estate would be eating to sell his panteras, i don't think they met the reserve at the last auction.

im sure its the furthest thing from everyone's mind now.

He was pretty available by phone and i had him do one of the badges with my serial number for me.

i also think he was restoring original ris. he was an interesting guy to say the least.


Hi @ Bell3156,

I just had a good conversation with LeMans850i regarding the spoilers.

I have to deliver some parts from AZ to SoCal in the next few weeks.

I know everyone would like some pictures first but I'm able to pick up the spoilers at the warehouse in Yuma.

This would it make it easier for the seller with not having to pack and ship everything.

I will send you a PM as well.


John Welch

Carefree, Arizona


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