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With due respect George, and I mean that most sincerely because I have learned volumes from your posts and Facebook Cleveland page, let's discuss the needs of the AVERAGE Pantera driver and the resources for quality replacement parts that are available NOW.

I have run the Stant #29468 uphill on the Ortega Highway on a 98 degree day, with modern sucker fans with no heating problems whatsoever. Lets move on.

This Flowcooler thermostat has become a talisman for Cleveland enthusiasts, but lets talk facts and data on what is available NOW. The 333 is not available. For someone who is bolting a motor together tomorrow, and needs resources that available now, then buy the #29468.
Here is why you really should consider the Robertshaw / Flowcooler thermostat.

Notwithstanding it's warm-up benefits due to the "button" that engages the bypass restrictor plate in the block..... Note the much larger opening vs. a "standard" design unit. The standard one came out of my old motor.


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We, in the Shop, have just started Machining the Copper Skirts and Installing them onto the Robertshaw 330-180. In affect turning it into a 333-180.

We also offer the 195F Degree Thermostat, with the Copper Skirt Installed.

We even offer a 2 Piece 'Bundle' of 1 Thermostat with 1 Brass restrictor Plate, as a Set, on Ebay. And You can save money.
USA Shipping $5.00

And most of You know, We also produce and sell the 'Brass Restrictor Plates'.
Shipping of the Plates is FREE in the USA, HI and AK.

You may purchase these parts on Ebay, I Do Not sell them Directly.



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