I am in the process of installing a new Vintage Air Sanden SD-508 AC compressor and need to verify the proper orientation.

It appears that installing the compressor with the filler plug pointing to 9 o'clock would provide the best access to the service ports. The Vintage Air instructions that came with the compressor warns not to exceed 90 degrees as it would affect oiling of the compressor. This means my compressor would be oriented at the border of what they consider acceptable. What compressor orientation have
others used?

Also, it appears 45 degree fittings with service ports would provide better access than 90 degree fittings. Any comments?

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Originally posted by jb1490:

Here's a pic of my Sanden. It is rotated 90°, and has been working fine for 40k miles.

As can be seen in the pic, the suction hose has a straight end and the discharge hose has a 45° end. YMMV


Thanks John!

Hi Garth.

My car has that same heater valve setup, it’s possible the design came from John’s car.

I’m traveling, or I could provide you more information.

The valve allows the water to recirculate through the heater passages back to the water pump, and bypass the heater matrix in the console.

It’s a standard 4 Seasons, or Everco unit - I believe it was only about $20 or so.

It’s operated by a cable to the front slider.

I wrote a couple articles in the POCA Newsletter on how Wade and I implemented it. Anyone who is interested, PM me your email address, and I’ll send the articles, they are too big to attach here.

Tell us about your heater valve (if that's what it is) in the pic.


Hi Garth,

Yes, that is a heater valve. It is electronically controlled, and I purchased it on eBay.

I wrote an article on the installation for the July 2011 POCA newsletter.


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