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Pantera #5253 has been running rough lately and dieseling after shutoff so I decided to swap out spark plugs before getting further into timing. I had a set of Autolite Iridium 3924’s and when I pulled out #5, the plug was wet and fouled and reeked of fuel. But spark plug #6 was the odd one, as pictured. The center electrode is kicked over to one side. Gap was set on all of them to 0.043. 

I replaced all the plugs with Autolite AR3924 copper plugs, gapped to .035. I’m running a 383 striker Ford Windsor V8 with Edelbrock Victor Jr. aluminum heads. The car runs smooth again, at least as smooth as can be expected with a mild cam in it.

What do you guys think happened here? I’ve never seen this before.


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The  most likely answer to me is that the plug itself had a broken electrode when new. The compression of the cylinder just wiggled it loose and left it lying as you see it.

Just replace that plug.

I personally have had issues with spark plugs recently but admittedly I'm far from stock and PROBABLY am creating much of my own problems.

When you walk out on the wild side and venture into the unknown anything can and usually happen.

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