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I'm going through a set of three Weber 40DCOEs for my TVR.  I know there are a lot of Weber experts here.

I need some "onsey-twosey" parts, a primary jet, a needle valve, throttle butterfly screws, etc.

I would like a recommendation for someone I can call direct, and they can pull the items out of stock.  Summit, and the "big guys" are just not what I'm looking for, I need a little hand holding.

Any Weber expert probably knows, but there's a LOT of little parts in these things!!!

Thanks -


PS> What kind of Loctite should I be using on things like my throttle butterfly screws?

PSS> What's the best way to clean up the cast aluminum carb bodies at home?  I don't have a "vapor blaster" or anything like that.

PSSS> What's the best thing to soak all the existing jets, etc. in to get passages cleaned out?

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