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Hello people,

I'm looking for dimensions of the spring attaching the head light bucket to the chassis.
I do not know untill which VIN number these where installed but I've seen them on a Pre-L and my PB has the brackets but no spring.

On the parts list at for example Wilkinson they do not show.

Thanks for the help,


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...I'm hoping that it is 5.5" long, 0.75" outside diameter and 0.120" wire...Since this looks a lot like the spring used on Mangusta US models (that I am, amazing coincidence, looking for the last 2 days...).  Getting a spring of the same qualities you are looking for is a lot harder than it seems it would be, especially when the spring rate is very high (I think over 50lb/inch...) or extended hook....Good luck, if you find a match let me know where I can buy one. Such stiff wire, I will always wonder how mine was kinked like this...! Lee


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  • Mangusta headlight spring

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