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The S shaped exhaust tubing on my GTS exhaust has suffered from numerous clearancing episodes and I would like to replace both LH and RH sections.
Don’t need mufflers, don’t need flanges, just the S-shaped tubing

My GTS tubing is steel, not SS, and diameter is 2.25” OD.
Anyone able to provide one or both of the sections I am seeking?
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Larry, GP Headers could easily make those pipes for you.  I have used them for my Pantera headers.  They started out with a set of modified Hall Pantera headers that my friend roughed out.  I had them make them up in 304 s/s.  I also had them make the exhaust pipes in 304 s/s.  The exhaust pipes are 3” in diameter.  They will make them up in any material that you choose.  Hope this helps.


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Thank you, Jimmy.

not sure how I would be able to convey to them how to duplicate the OEM curve without having a spare to send to them, which I do not.

my current pipes have been clearanced for the suspension horseshoe area over the years in a haphazard manner. I probably only need 20% of the existing large dents

if I can locate two orphaned S shaped sections, hopefully not likewise hammered, I can be more precise in the current required clearance areas.

or I can buy some horse shoe and J shaped pieces and start cutting and tack welding☹️☹️☹️☹️


Larry, I understand you are looking for an orphaned tailpipe section.  But the following might help with your effort.

Our cars might benefit from limiter straps on the rear suspension.  They are commonly used on off road vehicles with long travel suspension.  When a Pantera has modern shock absorbers that are ride height adjustable, the shock and its spring might have a tendency to fall apart when the car is jacked up at the rear (or when you hit a big bump in the road).  When this happens, the drivetrain's half shaft might also be pressing hard on the S shaped part of the tail pipe.  Each car is different and some experience it more than others.  When I saw it happening, I wished the rear suspension had limiter straps.  The drawback is the limiters require welded studs on the body of the car and the a-arm.

One of my cars currently has the issue described above.  But the tail pipe and its components are very stout and they act as a limiter strap.  They prevent the rear suspension and half shaft from moving as far down as it would like when the car is jacked up at the rear.  If the tail pipe and mounting components are flimsy then the tail pipe will contort.

The following photo is from a 100% stock Pantera that is jacked up at the rear.  You can see how close the half shaft is to the tail pipe.  A stock Pantera is exempt from the condition described above.



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I have a complete 3” exhaust as well.  No fitment issues.  Dennis at Pantera Performance gave me the idea of using oval tubing for an improved fit which was a great idea, but my friend was able to sneak it through the suspension without any problems.  I had even considered going with CV joints and axles as they take up less real estate, but did not need to.


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