my engine still is missing the oil dip stick set up, is cumbersome via the bulk head. I have the original part so length no issue.
The question is where does the oil dip stick pipe goes through? Could not find a picture from my extensive stack.

1) is it UNDER the Water pipe going to the swivel tank, which requires more bends, and space is very sparse
2) is it OVER the Water pipe going to the swivel tank. From the bends of the original pipe it looks as if it was there.

Can someone please confirm the correct set up please.


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Hi Matthias -

Here's some pictures of mine...  Mine goes UNDER the water tube.

There is a bolt/clip that pushes the dipstick tube forward against the head.  You can see the silver bolt in the first picture.

My setup is so tight, it is very hard to pull the valve cover on that side without loosening up the dipstick tube.

Not sure why my pictures wont post lately, but if you click on the icons - they open up. 


IMG_5972 [Large)

02-16-2016_Engine_Reassembly [8)


IMG_5972 [Large)02-16-2016_Engine_Reassembly [8)


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ok I see UNDER is hard to do and has the issue wit the valve covers, unless I can bend the new pipe in an S shape so it ends up between valeve cover and intake, not much space left. I will do some more experimenting.

Also I think I need to cut the pipe in 2 parts, one going into the block and then the rest. The "ORIGINAL" was also in two parts, where the upper part was fixed at two locations one on the Head and second as per figure above from 4273xx. The lower part has today an edge so it does not sink fully into the Block/Oil pan.


did fabricate a new pipe, and with some tuning it is going UNDER the water pipe... what I like - not that terribly engineered!!

The new one is SS,, well what I found is that STOCK is built by two materials. The portion more or less in the engine bay is steel, the part parallel to waterpump etc. is braz. I was wondering as this portion had a lot of tuning marks from pliers. Now I understand why, they tuned it to fit.

My case is a bit harder to tune due to SS material. But is done. Only 2 links are missing. And a nice fit now exactly between the vale cover and the intake.   

On 4907 the Stock was going OVER as the STock water pipe had very littel hight, as was sitting pretty close to the Thermosdat outlet, very close to the the heads. In my case now all new Aluminium I used silikon rubber knee hence a bit higher up.

Always interesting what you find on the car..(so far no treasury though).  


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I noticed something about the tube you fabricated is quite different than the stock tube.

The stock tube actually continues past the entry point for another 10 inches, 25 cm, and yours apparently protrudes just an inch or so. I don’t know if the tube length for the Pantera differs from the standard Ford tube design. 

I do not know if this is a potential problem or not. But it does mean your dipstick is unsupported unlike the original. Being unsupported it is somewhat susceptible to movement and with a spinning crankshaft and sloshing oil could it perhaps come in contact with the crankshaft?

Hopefully not a problem but I thought it was worthy of sharing.



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Tx Larry..

spot on!!!....I left the lower end of the original 10" pipe portion in the motorblock/oilpan. Just added the top. In my case the portion in the block was already a loose part. Good for me. To level the two pipe openings I added the braz ring (In picture left side) on my fabricated pipe. Works nicely. Until today I had only the 10" pipe portion in the block and added a fitting screw to close the hole. comes the seat belt crap ..setting it up on the firewall vs the other custom build required..


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