I have a question for you cam gurus.  I'm going through an engine I built 30 years ago, just to verify it's condition before I put it in.  It has been so long that I a) lost the cam specs, and b) don't remember if I installed it straight up or not.  As I recall, it is a TRW TH-580 cam, which was supposed to be much like the Ford CJ hydraulic cam, with just a bit more lift.  Maybe one of you has the specs for this cam, which would help me figure this out without taking the engine apart (much).  Thanks in advance.

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Hi Rodney

I'm emphatically not a cam guru. But over the decades I have kept notes regarding 351C cams offered by various vendors, TRW being one of them.

Crane used to sell the Cobra Jet cam under part number C580. That is the only note I have regarding a cam with the part number 580.

Here's the specs I have for TRW cams; they are all hydraulic flat tappet type cams. These are all "generic" or perhaps "popular" cam grinds that have been duplicated by several companies. Its possible TRW offered other cams, but these are the only part numbers I kept for my records.

TRW #TP194 (this is Tom K's cam)
270°/280° advertised duration
204°/214° duration @ 0.050”
51° overlap
0.484"/0.510" valve lift
112° lobe separation angle

TRW #TP244 (same as the Cobra Jet cam)
270°/290° advertised duration
206°/221° duration @ 0.050”
50° overlap
0.481"/0.490" valve lift
115° lobe separation angle

TRW #TP195 (same as the SVO A341 cam)
280°/290° advertised duration
214°/224° duration @ 0.050”
61° overlap
0.510"/0.536" valve lift
112° lobe separation angle

TRW #TP206
290°/300° advertised duration
224°/234° duration @ 0.050”
71° overlap
0.536"/0.563" valve lift
112° lobe separation angle

We know Sealed Power/Speed Pro sell pistons made to the same specification as those formerly sold by TRW because they retained TRW's former part numbers (L2379F and L2348F), same thing goes for tappets formerly sold by Johnson Lifters (HT900). But their camshafts don't use TRW's former camshaft numbers, their camshaft part numbers aren't familiar to me.

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