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Hello, everyone,

My #1579 needs new shock absorbers and springs on the rear axle. At the moment, the original shock absorbers, which are over 50 years old, are apparently still fitted.

I can only find adjustable coilover kits online. As far as I know, however, all adjustable suspension components require registration in Germany. As I would like to go ahead with this:

Does anyone have a tip for a non-adjustable replacement?



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Never do the rears only. You could end up with a badly unbalanced Pantera. If you want non-adjustable shocks, I'd keep an eye on eBay and these forums, for a set of non-adjustable Konis. As far as I know, Koni will still rebuild them. Your stock springs should be fine. Just have them media blasted and powder coated.

That being said, surely there must be some adjustable spring/shock combo that has TÜV approval in Germany.

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Even though they say the original Konis, (and the  adjustable Ariston‘s) are rebuildable by Koni, I have not seen too many people who have had it done successfully.

if you’re over here in the USA, a couple of the vendors have spring and shock packages. That would be Dennis Quella  Pantera Performance, Castle Rock) and Scott Bell (SACC)

Probably most of the other vendors as well! They are already set up for the ride, ride height, and spring rides.

(As a note, Scott Bell used to take the original shocks in as trade-ins. Maybe he has a good set.  I have a set of them up in my attic. They are very heavy. It will cost a lot of money to ship overseas).

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Not sure if this helps since it is in the USA, but I had done some research on rebuilding Konis before deciding to move to coil overs.  There is a weblink below.


Thank you for your email request.

These are serviceable.  Starting fee is $250.00 per unit pending inspection of internals.  If we do find any damage or excessive wear to any hard parts then cost of requisite parts will be additional to service fee.  We can provide an accurate quote once we them cleaned, disassemble and evaluated.

We do offer optional restoration services as well, blast, paint, for an additional fee of $100.00 each.  These options can be discussed with the technician once upon completion of the evaluation process.

We do have 2 locations, Sonoma, CA. and Hilliard, OH pending your location.

Turn around time for service is as follows:

California = 4-6 weeks from receipt of package

Ohio = 2-3 weeks from receipt of package

Link below will provide you with our service request form downloads for either location.

Please advise if you have any further questions or concerns.

Thank you again for contacting PSi.

Jayme Perreira

Performance Shock Inc (Psi)

Dealers and Service Center for all Öhlins, Koni, Penske, Bilstein, Moton, JRZ,

Hyperco & Eibach Springs, Goodridge Plumbing, Fittings and ZF-Sachs Performance Race Clutch Systems

29139 Arnold Dr. | Sonoma, Ca. 95476 | USA |

Phone: 707.938.5664 x 105 | Direct: 707.934.4836

Unfortunately, due to a "family emergency", I can only respond today and thank you for the numerous and helpful tips and ideas.

I will go through them all, evaluate them and then report back to you.



Roland Jaeckel had another very promising tip: since the springs of a Pantera usually don't get tired, or only very rarely, he suspects that the lower axle of the wheel carrier could be stuck. I haven't even considered this yet, so I'll check it first. That would be a relatively simple matter....

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