I am looking for Seima lens 4538. They were used on many grey market cars in the 80's
I need 1 front lens, will buy pair if I have to.
Here is a pic
Contact me through pm or at


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It likely was standard OEM on some model,which is the best way to source one. Searching for Seima #4538 will not be very fruitful.

Do you know what car it was originally made for?

All I know is that they were installed on some GT5 Panteras, They were installed on some early 80's grey market BMW's to get them through DOT inspections.
I have been checking E-bay on the likely grey market cars of that era, but no luck as of yet.
Thanks Guys,
I just bought the correct marker. Found it under Ferrari 308 section of E-bay. I don't have it yet but it does have all the correct numbers so should be a exact match.
Brian, if for some reason it does not work, I'll give you a call.
Thanks again
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