I've wanted to run this event since I first read about it in the 80s.

Recently, I've spoken to people who have run it and they've told me they wouldn't participate more than once.

Apparently, it is not very interesting in the lower speed classes and takes a lot of time/resources to move up into the classes where it becomes fun.

Is it worth it to go through all the trouble to tow a car out there only to realize that 125mph is very boring in a well setup exotic like the Pantera?

If so, what events would be worth the tow and hassle? I've heard the other open road races are a little more interesting.


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I would recommend the Big Bend Open Road Race. While I have not participated in others for first hand comparative perspective, others who have seem to offer their praise for BBORR as well. I've run the BBORR three times and desire to participate again. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get in as it sells out fast. It is an enjoyable event because the local communities support it with small town hospitality, Big Bend National Park is close by and fun drive in your exotic to visit, the track is enjoyable with sweeping turns and elevation changes throughout it length offering fun at the lower speeds. I suppose the Texas gang needs only a little push to get a pride of Panteras out there again.
I go from CT. to SORC & SSCC. 125 mph is nothing to sneeze at. You would have a tech speed of 140. The next time you would be able to run in the 150 class. It is certainly a test of your vehicle & yes it takes a bit of prep.
Here is my video running in the 150 class. 36 minutes of concentration.


We have a great bunch of guys out in Nebraska and Nevada.

I would love to run BBORR this year but I am going to Daytona this April. How about coming there. David Archibald will be there with his IMSA Pantera Running the 3.5 mile Rolex course.

Can't do two things in April.

Silver State Classic is the easiest to run but is generally the hardest on the engine & ZF. 90 miles at 150 takes 36 minutes. Most turns can be taken at 150.

SORC certainly has more turns and is more challenging. There is no more unlimited class. When there was one, the maximum avg. speed was in the upper 130's.

Loup 2 Loup is the most challenging with a minimal amount of straights. Most accidents occur on this course.

I hope to be running in the Big Bend race in late April. I can't comment to the difficulty of this race but expect it to be between the SSCC & SORC.

Regardless of which race you run you will be totally focused.

The camaraderie that is present at all the races is just great. We have a great time.

At 150 mph the 90 miles takes 36 minutes and then you are done. You can figure the time for other classes as the course is 90 miles.

As my speedo is totally useless I use my cell phone as a speedo and GPS for avg. speed. Both are not accurate enough for you to win bases on the info you get from them unless you are very lucky. I was 9.8 seconds off perfect which is equal to approx. 0.400 miles.

The following link contains the results of last Sept. race. http://www.sscc.us/event_resul...lts-16-sscc.html#150

Come and have some fun along with some great company.

Right now I am use a stock tank but will be going to fuel cells. Hoping to get to around 24 gal.. Averaging 150, I use approx. 11+ gal.

Regarding tires, I've been using Sumitomo HTR ZIII 18" tires. They are Y rated. Pricing is not that bad. There is no need for slicks and tech might not approve them. Most important is getting CURRENT production tires. There is always someone who does not pass tech because of old tires. Read the rule book.
Regarding your tire question, I suggest you contact Eric Pettersen @ tire_guy@sbcglobal.net .

He is in charge of tire tech. He frowns on tires that have been used at the track.

The course is not hard on the tire tread. After 90 miles at 150 my new tires still had the tits on the tread from when they were made.

Who is running the SSCC in September? I just spoke to someone about it today and they recommended just flying in and renting a car if I just want to “check it off the list”.

It is a long tow across the country to spend a few thousand $$$ for 45 min of driving.

Then again, for all that trouble and expense (even for flying out and renting), maybe it would be worth it to tow for the pictures of the Pantera there?

What option would you guys recommend for a first time participant?

I am not fully convinced that I will ever do this event twice.

For context, I get a decent amount of track time annually  and a few hrs per month driving at high speed on the road.




Power costs fuel. A stock 22 gallon tank will not support the hp required to reliably run 90 miles flat out in the upper speed/power classes. Nor will stock fuel lines or pump, starting at the tank pickup. One weekend, Jr Wilson lost a cylinder at the start of a 90+ mile OSS with his 850+hp Boss 429 Pantera. So he ran his usual flat-out style on 7 cylinders. It sucked a 42 gallon fuel cell dry before the finish line and coasted to the end @ 'only' 177 avg.

I should be at SSCC this Sept. I trailer from CT. Will run in the  160 mph class.  There should be 3 to 5 Panteras there. 

If you really wanted a challenge then you need to sign up for the Sandhills Open Road Race on Oct 1. Participants drawn by lottery.  

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