Our website has been live since 1996 and we have always had some method of advertising cars for sale and cars wanted. Many people have joined the DeTomaso Community through this website. I have personally purchased cars that have appeared on this Forum and sold them as well. This market place works well as does our Cars for Sale web page where a seller can present more photographs and descriptions to potential buyers.

Sadly, not all sellers tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. When this occurs, it is unfortunate for the buyer and could even lead to hardship, as we have seen in some instances. It is also a black eye for the DeTomaso community, although this situation is hardly unique to the Pantera world. In any event, PI wants to be very clear that any car presented on our website, unless marked otherwise, is not endorsed, recommended or in any way offered as being advertised with our knowledge as to condition or approval as to fitness, quality or condition. We will not tolerate this type of behavior and if it is reported to us, the offending ad will be deleted and the responsible party will have his I.P. address blocked, permanently. We will also have Wally haul out his Argentine bull whip and prepare to dispense a "tune-up" to the moron or Pinocchio who deserves it.

Almost every transaction in the business world is based on trust. If we didn't have trust, our economy would come to a screeching halt. If nobody would ever give out a credit card number, make a deposit in advance or rely on someone's representations or handshake, you could imagine what things would be like.

However, never, never, never buy a car or for that matter, any large purchase without seeing the goods in advance. If you can't travel to inspect the car, hire a knowledgeable expert to do it for you. You can also use the volunteers whose contact information is shown on our regional representatives page to assist as they are able in previewing the car for you.

Likewise, we have seen many cases where some buyers expect too much when they purchase a car and have not gotten on top of the information curve sufficiently to understand some of the quirks and teething problems that a Pantera can have. These are not new cars, they are now pushing 35 years old! A clutch can't last forever and neither can the "bullet proof" ZF.

As impulse buyers ourselves, Linda and I walked right into a Lincoln Mercury dealer and bought a Pantera with a 2 year 24,000 mile warranty! We traded in a righteous 1971 El Camino (that is probably worth more now, but that is another story.) Even with a warranty, our car spun the rod bearings and had pandemic engine failure, and the amount of the repairs exceeded the warranty policy limits. We didn't have all of the data, publications, websites and owner's networks then that exist today. We weren't prepared for what the Pantera experience was like. We recommend those that are looking for a car to do your research in advance! A car you may think is a "rip-off" may be exactly what you paid for and even a great bargain. We constantly treat this topic in Pantera International Magazine and we invite you to join our organization as well because we are very sensitive to this problem. In fact, PI took legal action against Ford to force them to recall Panteras and to supply parts, which they did.

Finally, we are very sad to learn of an extreme case where recently, a buyer purchased a Pantera advertised on our website that is not anything like it was represented. After the purchase, I did see the car and can verify it as being, tragic. To this purchaser, who did not personally inspect the car in advance, we offer our apologies for what the seller has apparently done. Don't give up on the DeTomaso community. This is not typical of the ownership. We stand ready to help as we are able with advice and support and probably much more, knowing the good people who own and drive these cars. Respectfully, Dave and Linda
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I think it would be very beneficial for there to be a forum on cars that didn't live up to expectations. This would be an excellent way to see what kinds of problems have cropped up or been misrepresented. Perhaps new owners may be reluctant through embassassment to provide details about their sour experiences but if it happened to me, I would want all to know what was up with the car so others can be forewarned of similar problems. Presently we see a nice car get sold on PI and elsewhere and wonder how satisfied the new owner is and what if any problems cropped up once the car was received.
Dear Dave, I am kinda confused, cause there is two different websites with simular names. Pantera International has one website which thecars are just listed but never seen by nobody having anything to do with PI. BUT there is also the Pantera Motorsport sight andit says it is like a car lot kinda thing with cars sitting there. I assume those guys look the cars over on thelot and know what is mostly wrong with them. Is this a bad assumption to make??? Isn't that kinda why they have a car lot?? So even though there is no warrenty, a potential buyer has some protection by asking what would need to be done to the car??? Or am I completely fill O' crap??????
Dave, I couldn't agree more! I really can't imagine anyone buying a car unseen, but maybe that's just cautious me. Go see it "and" have it inspected and up on a lift, all done seperate from the person or business selling it, even if you have to fly to see it. These cars have the potential of having more problems than a house purchase, yet I don't know many that would plunk down $ for a house without looking at it in person and having a professional inspection. I think some sellers just don't realize they even have problems. I am starting to look at some 1971 3.5 MBZ Coupe, and I visited this one old dued with three of them in his impecable grage and I think he honestly thought he had a perfect car he was selling. However, I don't think he ever looked under the car in his 10 years of ownership, because he was real surprised, upset and visibly depressed when we lay on our backs on the floor and I took a high power flashlight to all the rusted through frame spots. So, I guess it is buyer beware and owner beware to boot. Poor old dude, I felt sorry for him when I left.
Originally posted by DeTom:
Dear Dave, I am kinda confused, cause there is two different websites... Pantera International ...there is also the Pantera Motorsport

DeTom, the way I understand it is that PI Motorsports is owned by Dave Adler (& Jerry Sackett?) and is a car dealer and repair facility with a showroom and inventory. Cars there are either owned by PIM or sold on consignment for commission. Since the cars are under the close eye of real experts, you’re not going to (likely) find a real dog there. They have too strong a reputation to risk it for a quick sale.

The cars for sale section of the Pantera International (panteracars.com) website (owned by George and Sons) allows people to post photos and details of their cars for a flat fee ($150.00) and carries a disclaimer: Notice: Cars presented on this page have not been inspected by Pantera International. We are not endorsing or recommending any of these cars and cannot accept any responsibility for the condition of the advertised car.  We simply provide advertising space for the cars shown. We strongly recommend that you or your representative personally inspect a prospective car before purchasing it. 

They too have strong reputation but are at a disadvantage in that only words and photos are available to them when they accept the AD, and not the actual car itself (much like eBay).

And as a note, the original post is well over a year old now.
Ooops, thanks for pointing out that it still isn't 2006. The post got bumped. What you explained is kinda what I thought. I recently recommended to a new buyer to just buy it at PI motorsports cause you don't have to worry so much about getting ripped off. I think paying maybe a few grand more up front can be well worth it, as far as avoiding mega-buck repairs.
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