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The wheels Mike has are an obscure brand, I couldn’t find much information about them. I believe they do use the same nine bolt PCD pattern as the more common LeCarra steering wheels - variously described as 4”, 101mm, 101.6mm and 102mm.

it is a very uncommon PCD.

I believe some of the vendors still have one piece hubs that will mount the nine bolt wheels that use that PCD pattern.

Despite many hours of searching I have yet to find any non-vendor current source for a one piece Pantera/Capri splined hub that bolts directly to the 9 bolt wheels.

The nine bolt wheels can be used on a pantera by purchasing a splined hub and the correct adapter to match the hub pattern to the steering wheel pattern.

For posterity, the Pantera/Capri steering column has 36 splines, and is described as being either 9/16 of an inch or 16 mm in diameter.


A couple of years ago someone noted that 9/16" SAE and 16mm are slightly different, and on his car, a SAE spec hub (splined 9/16") spun on his metric steering shaft splines, after tightening the nut. The splines are of course 50 yrs old and possibly slightly worn, making for even less engagement. Modified Panteras, especially with big tires will often get more than stock force applied to the steering shaft. NOT a good situation to have your steering parts rattle around before tightening! I worried enough about this for my wife's driving open tracks that I made my own hub by chopping up a junk (stock) steering wheel and adapting the stock splined center.

As I'd mentioned when this last came up, with such a spline mismatch you can temporarily  force a piece of thin brass shim stock inside the hub splines for track work, but I'd be holding my breath in each turn street driving in our mountains.... And I've had a full life!

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