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The early Pantera 2 spoke Ferrero steering wheel is like gold dust and they fetch some serious coin if and when they do come up for sale.

It would be interesting to find out if Chip sourced and an original or his is an aftermarket or commissioned reproduction (how close is it to the original?), a good reproduction could likely find some potential buyers lining up.

Ford decided against the Ferraro steering wheel. They replaced it with a Capri steering wheel. But a bunch of Panteras had already been equipped with the Ferraro steering wheels. So the shops which prepared the imports before they were shipped to the dealers pulled the steering wheels off every Pantera and installed Capri steering wheels to replace them. I've ben told the west coast shop (Bill Stroppe's shop) had a cargo container full of the Ferraro steering wheels!

Know this for a certainty. Somebody here in the US owns that cargo container.
Know this for a certainty. Somebody here in the US owns that cargo container.


Story #2....

Bev Hall told me that in the early 80's, Gary had purchased a large amount of Pantera items from Bill Stroppe's shop. I gathered this was a large part of the stock Gary gathered when starting his business.

In all those pieces were a number (10-20?) of the Ferrero two-spoke wheels. As for the others, Bev felt they were likely thrown out, along with a bunch of other left-overs. Dusty, discontinued car, bunch of stuff just taking up space...who knows what lurks in the minds of men?

Bev does not have any two-spokes for sale.

Bev does not have any original Capri wheels for sale.

Note I didn't say Bev doesn't have those items. Wink

Bev is out of stock for the repro Capri pads. They were made by a man who recently died. Bev is in talks with his son and is hopeful to have him resume manufacture and may see them back in stock early next year.

So, is there a container of dusty two-spoke wheels?

Perhaps, but....


The 'logo horn button' is a flat disc with a logo of choice on it. You could easily make your own & incorporate it into the cap that will be needed with any aftermarket steering wheel. Or the Ghia 'button' used on the GTS Pantera is - I think- still available from the major vendors. Check their on-line websites or call to inquire.

IMHO, Two-flat-spoke-steering wheels should use a wheel disconnect system & remove it before exiting & replace it after being seated. Because street drivers invariably use the wheel to assist their entry & exit, and two-spoke wheels crack more easily if overstressed  than 3-spoke. That's why Corvette dropped their 2-flat-spoke wheels in the '60s. The wheel- disconnect also functions as a theft deterrant.

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