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An update on what I did. I have the 16x8 fronts and 17x11 rear wheels. My existing fronts were 225/50/ZR16 and rears were 315/35/ZR17. I could only get a finger between the rears and mufflers so couldn't go to 335 size. Couldn't find sets of 225 front and 315 for rear. I switched to 285/40/ZR17 for rears which are slightly bigger diameter but narrower. I could only find these sizes as sets in Continental and Pirelli P-Zero. I bought the Pirelli P-Zeros as listed in the Tire Rack P-Zero System. They are Asimmetrico. The fronts are listed as N3(Porsche) for 8" rims. Both UTGs are 140AA.
I have installed the new tires (actually bought thru my local Tire Factory store). They are fine. The rears, although narrower tread width, look great, maybe better.
Hope this update for these sizes helps someone.
Thanks for all your help with info.


 I'm sorry if I am spamming this comment a little but I would like to try to rally up as much support as possible so I don't want anyone that might be interested to miss it. I hope you'll agree it is for a good cause. I have the blessings of the forum administrator.

I have made a De Tomaso Pantera  web page, here's a link: 
 Longstone Tyres - De Tomaso Pantera page
Please let me know if you see any mistakes. Any pictures you have that might make it better please send them over.

 Importantly if you may be interested in a set of the 285/50R15 P7 tyres please drop me a note via the "contact us" link so we can keep your email on file and use that collection of email addresses to convince Pirelli to make these tyres.

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