As my battery is now relocated by Quella behind the passenger seat, I can't solve this by going to the garage.

I have a local owner in the early process of resurrecting his not-driven-in-20-years Pantera. It is a stock '74 with the original in-the-trunk mounting position, but he long ago tossed the battery. Frowner

What size battery case do you guys run for this stock style car?


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I just got one from Walmart last month:

EverStart MAXX 48N, 850 CCA

It put out more cranking power than the 27F and physical dimensions were pretty close (48N is about 1 inch shorter).

Great cranking battery, terminals located towards the back of the battery giving tons of clearance away from the hood. It was around $75. If it ever goes you can get a replacement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as close as your local Wally World. Smiler
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