I need a stock front rotor to test an intermittent problem. My intent is to swap rotors (temporarily) and test for any changes in the issue. I'd pay shipping, so I'd prefer something closer to home.

Do you have one ? (cheap, loan or trade)

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Thanks Mike, you ARE the King!

I have another offer currently, but I'll keep you in mind as plan "b", Mike Mayberry, of Mayberry LM.... I bought a pair of ~new 10" campies a while back from you. Still love them.

I have tried changing the shims, but the caliper was centered to begin with, using no shims. I'm trying to determine the source of a noise. I have changed so many parts of the suspension, very little is still the same, just the caliper, the rotor, and the backing shield.
(Springs & shocks, swaybar & bushings & brackets, spindle, bearings (3+ times), steering arm, wheels & tires, and more.)

My car CAME with this noise, many years ago....

I'll let you know.
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