I know there are some experts here.

i have a SVO “Torker” A331 and  a Roush A351 both fitted to 4v Cleveland heads that have had the floors expoxied up to match these intakes.

I’ve found a B351 intake but the ports seem much smaller. I want something more high end oriented with a solid floor plan.
question: can this intake be opened up to work with my current port set up?

first picture is my intakes I have on the bench.

and the blue one is the b351 I’ve located and have dibs on. Will it work?

you can see the face of the intake and it’s relation to a 4v gasket.


thoughts appreciated.




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The SVO manifolds are made for the aluminum SVO heads. None are made to use/"work" with  iron 4v Ford heads.

You can epoxy anything up to match anything but that doesn't mean it's a good idea.


The A331 is made for the A3 heads. It is essentially an Edelbrock Torker made to match those heads.

The top of the port is raised about 1/4". The bottom raised about 5/8".

In order to use it with the iron heads you really need to use a spacer plate to block the bottom on the head port to match it.

Why not just use an Edelbrock Torker?


The B351 spider intake is made to use on the Ford Motorsport B351 aluminum heads. You can use it on the A3 heads also but you don't touch the port matches at all. You leave them alone.

To use them on iron 4v heads you will have the same issues as the A331.


The bottom line is there is very little point in using the SVO  intakes with iron heads. These were components of designed systems intended to match each other.  You match the intake to the heads. And yes, I have run the various Ford aluminum head combinations.

The iron 4v heads have a different valve pocket then the "Ford aluminum" heads do. They may look the same but they are not. The iron 4v heads just become obsolete with them. Don't bother.


The risk of using epoxy on the intake side of an induction system may be deemed "an acceptable risk" on something that gets torn down  a lot like a '70s period "Pro Stock" engine but on a street engine is just a disaster waiting to happen.



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I am completely following you here..

The problem here is I’m am already pregnant.

The heads are already epoxied.

im just trying to figure out a better path forward from where I’m at.


If you want to use one of those manifolds, and already have one or more, find heads that will work with them.

A lot of the current existing aftermarket heads modeled after the original Ford A3 head.

There are variations, sure and some have made the exterior of the head resemble the original iron castings.


If you have an A331 Torker already and matched your heads to it, run that, but it isn't likely to make any more power then the regular 4v heads and a Torker. That is a 500hp combination with a 750 Holley and does make 450lb-ft of torque AND runs smoothly. Been there, done that.

I ran the B351 spider both with the A3 heads and the B351 which it was intended for. Don't bother. It just looks cool. It's a waste of time. In both instances the engine was down on power. How much? Can't say, but noticeably.


You can mix and match for sure but to ask someone to predict what your combination will do is inaccurate to say the least.

Simplest thing for you to do if you want your iron heads is to get a Edelbrock Torker, bolt it on and forget about it.

Go look on ebay. You can find nice used ones for $100 to $150. Sell the manifolds that you have.

Even the Blue Thunder is a respectable performer.


If you are looking for a 800hp Cleveland then you have to go with different heads anyway.

ProStock 351c engines were making 800hp with modified exhaust ports with plates and .800" solid roller lifter cams.

What you are looking at is a 500hp engine. To go more, you need to go crazy with lots of dyno time and lots of broken parts.

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