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Hello all,
I've bee working out of the US for 5 years and finally back for good. When I would return on my R&R's I would start the Cat and it always worked fine. Yesterday I took her out for the first time in 4 months and all was fine, ran great but at one point the gauge pegged at 240 deg. (original gauge). I know the engine was not hot because the second fan had not come on. I can turn it on manually if I want so I did and it did not change the gauge. I stopped and nothing seemed to be too hot. I'm guessing that the sending unit is to blame and not the gauge. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance
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Thanks all,
Got the sending unit from NAPA yesterday but by the sound of things I'll just live with it for a while and just keep an eye on it. Not really eager to chase grounds just yet, or go through the burping process if I loose coolant on the sender change.
I'm sure the thermostat is good, I can always see the temp rise a bit then drop down so I think all is good there.

What a blast to drive the cat again, forgot how fun it was. Took my neighbor for a ride, his first time in a Pantera. He wants one now.

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