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So i'm getting around to checking tires on # 1791 . ( which I purchased late June )

All tires are Michelin Pilot Sports

Fronts are 255/40/ZR 17s

Rears are 335/35/ZR 17s

Date Codes for fronts are 0210....2nd week 2010...Rears are 0909 9th week 2009

They show very little wear...Should they be replaced because of age ?



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Read this article! Porsche now recommends Carrera GT owners replace the tires every four years:

I'm pretty sure you can get Pilot Sport PS2's from the Tire Rack in the sizes you need. If they aren't listed on the web site, call them. PS2's are awesome tires! They're a step up from the regular Pilot Sports. 


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That article smacks of blame shifting, easy to blame 6 year old tires, not the hoon behind the wheel showing off! I would agree nature of storage can play a large part, a car stored/parked long term parked will undoubtedly develop flat spots on the tires. 

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